Call for Action on Saturday, 5 June 2021
Join us to make history: Correct the compass of struggle towards Jerusalem and all of Palestine!

We call upon the Palestinian and Arab masses, all progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces in the world, and the supporters and friends of Palestine everywhere, to organize actions, demonstrations, popular events and political and cultural seminars in the streets and public squares of your cities and communities, on Saturday, 5 June 2021, the 54th anniversary of the Naksah. On this occasion, we emphasize these themes:

First: Announcing the failure of the path of surrender and negotiations and declaring the death of the liquidationist “two-state solution.” We will not allow the concession of any of the inalienable, indivisible rights of the Palestinian and Arab people.

Second: Bringing the vision of return and liberation to the forefront of our struggle, supporting the valiant Palestinian intifada, and upholding the right of the Palestinian and Arab people to popular and armed revolutionary struggle to liberate their homeland, Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Third: Demanding the liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan and the Lebanese Shebaa Farms, confronting the various forms of colonialism in our countries and reclaiming our freedoms and complete national independence.

Fourth: Cutting all ties with the Zionist entity, expelling Zionist ambassadors from Arab capitals, prohibiting normalization on popular and legal levels, and combatting all attempts to criminalize resistance to normalization, and building the comprehensive Arab boycott front to confront the Zionist enemy, its allies and supporters.

Fifth: Liberating our prisoners in the Zionist enemy prisons and imprisoned strugglers in Arab and imperialist jails.

Sixth: Supporting all popular initiatives aimed at building a free Arab society where all forms of authoritarian, patriarchal and religious oppression are eliminated and which stands with Palestine in the struggle for liberation.

Glory to the martyrs
Palestine is free and Arab – from the river to the sea!
Together we are victorious and march towards a new Arab dawn

Together we march, on 5 June 2021

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