Conference objectives

Conference objectives


First: Asserting the Palestinian, Arab and international popular response to the path of Madrid and Oslo, the declaration of the failure of this catastrophic road, from the heart of Madrid, Spain, in October 2021, and renewing the rejection by the supporters of Palestine everywhere in the world of all agreements and treaties that undermine the rights of the Palestinian people, from the colonial “Balfour Declaration” to the last negotiations that the Palestinian Authority may have concluded with the Zionist state. We consider all of them null and void, illegitimate and unlawful. Accordingly, Palestinian, Arab and international popular participation is critical to achieve the democratic, popular content of the conference and its outcomes. Participation in preparing for the conference and ensuring its results are individual and collective responsibilities.

Second: Making clear the political response to the current stage which established this aforementioned path through serious development of new national alternatives based on the right of the Palestinian people to participate, primarily to confront the path of surrender and destruction and the threat of the reactionary triangle in the region (Camp David – Wadi Araba – Oslo) and all of their results, including the agreements concluded by the Arab regimes with the Zionist entity, the latest of which are the normalization agreements between the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan on the one hand and the Zionist entity on the other hand, with U.S. backing.

Third: Liberating the voice of the Palestinian masses in Palestine and in exile and diaspora, restoring their central leading role in the national liberation movement, and restoring respect to the unity of the bases of the Palestinian national movement throughout occupied Palestine and the diaspora. Only a free people may protect their rights, restore their hijacked institutions and resources, and liberate their homeland from colonialism. The Palestinian people in diaspora, who have endured the ravages of displacement and the continuing Nakba, are still able to once again restore the national compass in a direction pointed once more toward all of Palestine and all of the rights of its people.

Fourth: Building bridges of common struggle with the Palestinian masses throughout the occupied homeland and assuming a national responsibility for strengthening their resistance and steadfastness in the face of the atrocities of the Zionist occupation and its colonial plans for all of occupied Palestine. The historical mission of Palestinians in exile and diaspora, since 1948, has been to launch the Palestinian people’s revolution, build their national institutions, and assume responsibility to defend all of the impoverished, marginalized and exploited Palestinian popular classes, especially in the camps and the areas of misery, inside and outside Palestine.

Fifth: Restoring the Arab popular incubator for the Palestinian cause, with its historical role and its national and human responsibility towards Palestine as the central cause of the Arab peoples, bearing in mind that the achievement of national and social victories in Arab countries inevitably feeds into the course of the liberation project and the return to Palestine.

Sixth: Adhering to the achievements of the Palestinian people at a global level and to the historical quotation of the writer, leader and martyr, Ghassan Kanafani: “Palestine today is not a cause for Palestinians alone, but the cause of every revolutionary, and the cause of the oppressed and exploited masses of our era.” The popular movements of the world support Palestinian rights and view the Palestinian liberation movement as an integral part of the struggle of global liberation movements against imperialism, Zionism, racism and all systems of exploitation.

Seventh:  Launching a unified popular movement and an organized framework (the Council of Palestinian Organizations and Institutions) to be able to lead the masses of our people, defend our national and human rights, liberate the potential of our Palestinian people, especially the younger generations, and strengthen their decisive leadership position in the next phase of struggle.

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