The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, called upon its organizations and supporters to organize mass actions in support of the growing Intifada in occupied Palestine, under the slogan: “With the Palestinian Resistance: Support the Intifada!”

“Our people in exile and diaspora, the supporters of Palestine and the free people of the world will together express their position, as they have always done, in support of the growing uprising in Palestine. The youth of Palestine everywhere will not stand by amid the Zionist crimes against our people in Jenin, Nablus, Gaza, Jerusalem and throughout Palestine, from the river to the sea,” affirmed the movement.

The Masar Badil confirmed its clear and firm position of support for Palestinian resistance until return and liberation, embracing all of its currents and forces of the armed resistance confronting the Zionist enemy, and upholding the sacred right of our Palestinian people to defend their existence and national rights, urging unity in all areas and further initiatives and revolutionary actions, on the road to building a unified national front that enjoys the credibility and support of the people.

Progress towards a new state of struggle is the decisive, optimal popular response to the racist Zionist entity and the policies of its “new” fascit government. The creation of a qualitative revolutionary situation would secure the transfer of the initiative to one of popular power, led by the resistance forces, weakening the so-called “Palestinian Authority” and the Oslo project, and isolating it on popular and political levels, the Masar emphasized, further expressing its support for the popular demand to recover the imprisoned, stolen bodies of the captive martyrs and free them from the grip of the enemy.

The movement saluted those members of the Palestinian security forces who exited the ranks of the PA’s security services to return to their natural position of struggle and their revolutionary role in protecting their people and confronting the occupation forces. The correct national compass for any honourable Palestinian gun lies in defending the Palestinian people and their land, not in providing protection for Zionist colonizers.

The Masar saluted the Palestinian resistance organizations and brigades in the Gaza Strip, the fighters and cells that shook the edifices of the enemy in occupied Jerusalem, and all of the strugglers in the camps, cities, and villages of the occupied West Bank and throughout occupied Palestine.

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