Palestinian and Brazilian organizations and mobilization led to the cancellation of the “Israeli Universities Festival” at the UNICAMP university near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Palestinian activist Rawa Alsagheer announced that the festival, scheduled for today, 3 April, was “cancelled under organized popular pressure,” emphasizing that this is “an important achievement in Brazil on the popular boycott front, thanks to the sacrifices of the Palestinian people, the steadfastness of the prisoners’ movement and the revolutionary solidarity forces that stand with us.”

She said, “The Zionist university fair was cancelled a short while ago, under the pressure of the crowds of demonstrators who occupied the building and surrounded its main entrances until the announcement of the cancellation.”

The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, affirms that this action at UNICAMP University is a direct example of the future of the Zionist entity and its colonial project in Palestine, which will inevitably fall.

Our Palestinian people were supported today by their friends and allies, Brazilian revolutionary forces dedicated to confronting racism and fascism. We salute the central leadership role of the Al Janiah cultural center in Sao Paulo, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – Brazil, the Alkarama Palestinian Women’s Movement, student organizers and committees, women’s organizations and labour and union activists in bringing about this victory.

Dozens of leftist organizations and movements had earlier gathered at the Al Janiah Cultural Center about one week ago to organize a mass response to the marketing of Zionist universities at Unicamp.

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