In response to the Zionist massacre and the targeting of the resistance and the leadership of the prisoners’ movement…
Masar Badil: On the 75th commemoration of the Nakba, let us demonstrate in the diaspora to support the resistance and the prisoners

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement called on all organizations, supporters and the masses of the Palestinian people in exile and diaspora, as well as the international movement in solidarity with Palestine to express their anger about the Zionist massacres targeting the Palestinian people and the leadership of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and the attacks on the prisoners’ leadership in the Zionist prisons. The Masar Badil urged all to turn the 75th commemoration of the ongoing Nakba into massive demonstrations of anger around the world and everywhere among the Palestinian diaspora, in support of the heroic resistance in occupied Palestine.

Let us turn this anniversary into massive rallies of anger in the cities and capitals of the world. It is time to uproot the Zionist colonialism from all of Palestine from the river to the sea and achieve return, liberation and victory. The time has come for the masses of our people in exile and diaspora to raise their voices decisively and express the highest degree of righteous anger against the attacks of the Zionist entity and the U.S. and European imperialist powers that sponsor this criminal entity.

The Masar denounces the crimes of the Zionist enemy that targeted the leadership of Saraya al-Quds at dawn on Tuesday, 9 May, emphasizing that the policies of assassinations in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and the isolation of the leaders of the prisoners’ movement will not break the will of the Palestinian people, nor will it undermine the determination of the resistance. These attacks will fall before the steadfastness and courage of our heroic Palestinian people.

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