Statement of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement

Support the Palestinian people and their resistance to imperialism and zionism:

Together to stop the massacres, liberate the prisoners and break the siege

Today we stand on the cusp of the fourth week of the brutal criminal Zionist war waged by the forces of aggression (the Zionist entity, supported by U.S. and European imperialism), as “Israel” continues its monstrous, destructive war on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and all of occupied Palestine, on land, at sea and in the air, and as of writing this statement, the number of martyrs of our people has exceeded 10,000, a third of whom are children.

This U.S.-Zionist aggression is inseparable from the war of genocide, and the ongoing war crimes, ethnic cleansing, uprooting and displacement, which began against the Palestinian people 106 years ago when Palestine fell under British colonialism, which presented the so-called “Balfour Declaration” to the Zionist movement on November 2, 1917, promising to establish a “national homeland for the Jews in Palestine.” This was the beginning of the major colonial crime, and it was a promise made by those who had no right to the land to those who had no claim upon the land.

The forces of aggression and colonialism that created the tragedy of our Palestinian people are still the same today. Therefore, the U.S., Britain, Germany, France and other forces of plunder and destruction rushed to support their fascist entity in Palestine, and provide cover for it to carry out its daily crimes and massacres. These forces provided their Zionist colony with all military, financial and political support, adopted their false narrative and marketed it in all international forums and their racist media. This brutal alliance in genocide has exposed the enemy camp before the world beyond doubt.

We in the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement issue this public statement, on this specific date, at a time when our movement is entering its third year, and amid a comprehensive destructive war being waged against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip around the clock. Today, we address all forces of liberation and solidarity with our people, throughout the world. We emphasize the following:

First: We call on our comrades and supporters to continue their popular, political and media mobilization in all fields and arenas in order to confront the European-U.S.-Zionist war crimes, and to support the Palestinian people and their heroic resistance in the Gaza Strip, all of occupied Palestine and in the diaspora. We also call on all student and labour movements in North America, Europe and Latin America to escalate organized and meaningful popular action in order to stop the Zionist aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip, to break the criminal siege that has been ongoing for 17 years, and to work to bring in the food, medicine, water, electricity and fuel that our people need.

In the face of the escalating resistance in Gaza, and the enemy openly revealing its true face to the world as a bloody, criminal entity, Western imperialist powers are increasing their desperation and barbarism in supporting the occupation and suppressing any Palestinian movement. This reflects the importance of the role of our people and their supporters in meaningfully challenging the occupation, so long as we bear our responsibility towards the Palestinian cause. Therefore, supporting the steadfastness of our valiant people in the Gaza Strip is our national and moral duty, and we must confront all attempts to repress or prohibit our movements. Our refusal to be defeated in the face of such attacks and our willingness to relinquish our privileges abroad, are an integral part of our responsibility towards the Palestinian people and the sacrifices of our people in Gaza.

Second: We call on the solidarity movements and liberation forces in the world and all activists supporting the Palestinian cause to declare their clear and open position in support of the Palestinian armed resistance, and its legitimate and inherent right to engage in the revolutionary struggle in all forms and means in order to liberate our Palestinian and Arab land and to secure the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes and lands, from which they were forcibly displaced by Zionist armed gangs. The past weeks have proven to us that the Palestinian resistance is the Palestinian people’s strongest shield and sword in the face of tyranny and genocide, not the international community, nor Western public opinion, nor the Arab regimes, nor the negotiations of the security coordination “Palestinian Authority.”

Accordingly, we call for affirmation in every demonstration, march, and statement, and in every international forum and media outlet, that the Palestinian people’s resistance to Zionist settler colonialism and its imperialist sponsors is a fundamental and legitimate right of our Palestinian people, and indeed is a sacred national duty. Accordingly, our organizing slogan is to continue the struggle and resistance until liberation and return are achieved.

Third: The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement reaffirms that the unprecedented, heroic military operations that took place on October 7, 2023 were a renewed launch of our modern Palestinian revolution, and a natural response to the crimes of the Zionist entity and its supporters in Washington, London, Berlin, and Paris.

Today, our struggling Palestinian people stand united in the homeland and in the diaspora, together with their heroic resistance, protecting it with their bodies and blood, and rallying around the resistance project that kept its promise when it committed to the Palestinian people to liberate the prisoners from the dungeons of the Zionist enemy. The resistance and the people in the Gaza Strip are one front and cannot be separated, like flesh and blood in one body.

Fourth: On this day, November 1, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement extends its salute of commitment and struggle to the martyrs of the Algerian Revolution for liberation, which was launched on this day in 1954 to liberate the land of Algeria from the yoke of French colonialism. The revolution of the Algerian people was, is and will remain an inspiration to all peoples fighting for national and social liberation and freedom from the shackles of colonialism. This glorious revolution, which liberated the land and people of Algeria and triumphed over French colonialism after 132 years of popular and armed revolution and uprising, is the compass and model for the struggle of our Palestinian people.

Fifth: Our Palestinian people made huge sacrifices more than a century ago, and are still struggling today. They will continue to fight until they fully achieve their legitimate national goals, and will continue their revolutionary struggle to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, and to achieve the return of refugees to their homeland. In this long historical struggle, our people will provide a model and example for all the peoples of the world and to liberation movements in rejection and rebellion against humiliation, occupation, plunder and enslavement. We emphasize that revolution is possible, that victory can and will be achieved, and that there is a revolutionary alternative being born now confronting all attempts to impose surrender and submission.

Today, our Arab peoples emerge from the ocean to the Gulf to reclaim their primary central cause, and with them millions come out in all corners of the earth and on the five continents, calling for the victory of the Palestinian people, cheering for their courageous resistance, and declaring that they are a committed part of the battle to liberate our people as they stand tall and solid in the first ranks of the vanguard, strong and united, confronting Zionism, imperialism, reactionism, racism and fascism.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people on the path of return and liberation

Long live the heroic Palestinian resistance, the first line of resistance to the enemies of the oppressed peoples of the world

Long live revolutionary international solidarity everywhere

Together we will win… and we will win only together

1 November 2023

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