Our party, the Popular Democratic Party in Lebanon, condemns the failed coup attempt in Bolivia against the progressive government and its legitimate president by a group of army officers dependent on their subservience to U.S. imperialism.

The failed coup attempt is an expression of the outrage of U.S. imperialism and the domestic reactionary and right-wing forces at the positions of Bolivian President Luis Arce, who was democratically elected by the people, and his government, especially regarding his political, economic and social orientation in the interest of the poor and indigenous people, as well as his role in striving to achieve the dream of the peoples of Latin America of collective integration and liberation. President Arce has confirmed his revolutionary stance by directly standing by the Palestinian people and their right to resistance, liberation, and return to their homeland, Palestine, and severing ties with the Zionist entity.

The widespread condemnation of the aggression against popular democracy and the constitution in Bolivia by the revolutionary, leftist and progressive countries and forces in Latin America, at the forefront of which are revolutionary Cuba, Bolivarian Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua and others, as well as the international condemnation of the coup, confirms that imperialist and reactionary aggression against peoples can no longer be assumed to be successful. Instead, it is to be expected that such attacks will be met with confrontation, condemnation and denunciation everywhere.

The position of the struggling Bolivian people, who marched into the squares and streets in defense of their political system, their social and political gains, and their elected president, played a decisive role in thwarting the coup, along with the steadfastness of President Arce and the revolutionary leader Evo Morales.

The leftist and progressive forces in the world held their breath for hours before the people, the president and the progressive forces decided on the option of confrontation and eliminating the sedition that American imperialism and its internal tools sought to achieve through a coup.

Beirut, 6/27/2024
Popular Democratic Party

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