Madrid Declaration

Issued by the Conference on the Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path in Madrid, Spain

Over the course of four days, the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil Conference) was convened in the Spanish capital, Madrid. This coincided with the 30th anniversary of the infamous Madrid liquidation conference in 1991 and as a practical and popular response to the catastrophic path of Oslo and its consequences, in order to confront the policies of Zionist colonialism and regimes of surrender and normalization.

The participants in the conference adopted the following political positions:

Our Palestinian people, who have been fighting the national liberation battle for 104 years confronting Zionist settler colonialism, are aware, through their long experience of struggle of the importance of Palestinian popular unity in the fields of struggle, fighting, and resistance, and the need for consensus on direct goals and general strategy that protects its struggle, preserves its achievements, and preserves its identity, unity, dignity, and national rights.

On the basis of this firm understanding, we call upon the Palestinian resistance forces, the various national and popular bodies, the youth, student and feminist movements, the boycott and anti-normalization committees and all the masses of our struggling people in the occupied homeland and throughout the Diaspora to unite nationally to establish a united Palestinian national front to resist racist Zionist settler colonialism in all of Palestine, to confront the Zionist movement and its allies in the world, and to work to break all the cycles of siege by developing the ability of our Palestinian people to restore and liberate their institutions, and to strengthen the position and role of the Palestinian liberation movement and its active presence in the Arab and international arenas.

Our conference considers the Palestine Liberation Organization to be a confiscated and hijacked institution, whose decision-making is dominated by a corrupt class sector, acting as agents of Zionist colonialism, and a weak leadership lacking revolutionary, popular or legal legitimacy. On this basis, we consider that the Organization and its leadership, in their current form, do not represent us and cannot represent the struggles and rights of our people.

The conference therefore calls on all popular forces, associations and organizations affiliated with the Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path Movement to escalate the pace of mass struggle inside and outside occupied Palestine and to confront the “self-rule administration” liquidation project on the road to isolating and overthrowing it.

The Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path Movement is committed to working to escalate the political and public struggle, and the struggle in the fields of confrontation, against the approach of liquidation and surrender, which began with and was embodied in the signing of the Camp David Accords in 1978 between the Sadat regime and the Zionist entity under American auspices, and to confront the results of the Madrid-Oslo stage, the 1994 Wadi Araba agreement, and all the economic and security agreements signed between reactionary poles in the official Arab regimes with the Zionist entity, the latest of which is the so-called “Abraham Agreements”. We consider them invalid and illegitimate agreements and treaties.

The Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path Movement emphasizes the need to strengthen the unity of the resistance camp in Palestine, the Arab region, and the world, which includes multiple political and intellectual movements and embraces the various colors of the Arab and Islamic spectrum from the ocean to the Gulf. Only this popular camp is capable of confronting the forces of colonialism, imperialism, racism and exploitation, accomplishing the project of return, liberating the Palestinian and Arab lands, and overthrowing the approach of surrender and normalization led by the United States and the reactionary regimes and their agents in the region.

At the same time, we affirm that the task of developing the capacity of the resistance camp and the cohesion of our internal front requires frank internal dialogue between its various national and social currents and poles in a way that serves the liberation of our peoples from the tyranny of external domination and from regimes of oppression and tyranny at home, and to achieve complete national independence. This enhances the ability of peoples to protect their national wealth and capabilities and to safeguard civil peace in our great Arab homeland, from the ocean to the Gulf.

We reaffirm our firm and fundamental position on the necessity of respecting the struggle of Palestinian women and the active participation of Palestinian women, and respecting their central leadership role in the Palestinian struggle and in the Palestinian national movement, on the path to achieving full participation and equality within the framework of our national and social liberation project.

The holding of our popular conference in Beirut, Madrid and Sao Paulo, under the banner of Palestine and under the auspices of our struggling people, 30 years after the 1991 Madrid liquidation conference and 28 years after the disastrous, treacherous Oslo Agreement of 1993, and the organization of our popular and international march that was launched under the slogan “All Palestine from the river to the sea,” our documented, declared positions, and the culture of self-reliance, are all evidences that confirm the correctness of the clear compass of struggle of our new revolutionary path in confronting the forces of Zionist colonialism and the project of surrender.

We are committed to confronting the approach of normalization with the institutions and the enemy entity. At the same time, we affirm the strengthening of relations of struggle with the various militant Jewish forces and personalities, anti-Zionist and anti-racist, and supportive of the rights of our people and their valiant resistance to liberate all of Palestine and the establishment of a democratic society in all of Palestine based on justice and equality: A society free from class exploitation, racism and Zionism.

The Palestinian revolutionary approach with Arab and international dimensions, whose features were drawn by thousands of Palestinian, Arab and international martyrs over decades of struggle, is the path of radical change that interprets reality in order to change it, understands the challenges and national and local specificities in every Palestinian community and sees them as a source of strength and pluralism. We adhere to our rights and roots while looking to the future and keeping pace with the times. This revolutionary approach is rising today to walk confidently and with steady steps toward liberated Palestine…towards a new Arab and human dawn.

On the day of our launch, we salute the whole struggle of our Palestinian people in all their places of residence, and all the resistance forces in Palestine. We also salute the struggle of the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, the leadership of our people’s struggle in the occupied land, and the revolutionary school from which we derive all the determination and will to continue on the path until we obtain our freedom and reach our decisive victory.

Long live the struggle of our Palestinian people everywhere!

No voice is louder than the voice of the Palestinian people!

Glory to the martyrs, freedom to the prisoners!

We shall return and be victorious!

The Alternative Palestinian Revolutionary Path Movement

Madrid – Spain

November 2, 2021

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