Invitation to participate in the annual conference of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement


1 – 7 October 2024

Madrid, Spain

Under the slogan “From the River to the Sea….victory for our people and our Palestinian resistance, ” the Masar Badil invites you to participate in its annual conference between 1-7 October 2024, and the international popular march in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on Sunday 6 October 2024.

Our upcoming conference is called under the banner, The Line of Resistance and Liberation: Towards Developing a Strategy for Resistance in the Diaspora. The conference will include dialogue and research into developing forms of resistance for our people abroad, expanding the scope and areas of popular student, labor, women’s and community movements and activities, developing comprehensive boycott campaigns, and confronting the war of genocide committed by the Zionist entity against our people in the Gaza Strip and all of occupied Palestine, under blatant U.S. and European imperialist sponsorship, amid the silence and complicity of the reactionary Arab regimes.

Several of the goals of our conference are to evaluate our work and draw up our programs for the current stage and to confront the policies of oppression and racism in Europe and North America, to build greater struggle and unity in all areas and countries, and to strengthen our relations with various resistance and liberation forces in Palestine, the region and the world.

To participate and register for the conference, fill out the form below:

قسيمة التسجيل لحضور المؤتمر -- Registration for the Conference

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