The General Preparatory Committee for the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil) called on all Palestinian and Arab institutions, forces and associations, and global liberation movements, to support and stand with the general strike throughout occupied Palestine organized by political movements, Palestinian youth organizations and trade unions throughout occupied Palestine on Tuesday, 18 May.

At the conclusion of its weekly meeting, the Preparatory Committee affirmed that supporting the general strike in occupied Palestine through the widest possible organization of popular movements, union organizing, and ongoing struggle in the diaspora is a Palestinian, Arab and international mission that strengthens the unity of our people and their national liberation forces struggling everywhere they are.

The Samidoun Network, Palestinian Youth Movement, Alkarama – Palestinian Women’s Mobilization, and other organizations in North America and Europe have issued statements and positions expressing their full support for the general strike in Palestine, calling upon solidarity forces, trade unions, leftist parties and friends of Palestine to show solidarity with the Palestinian resistance and their legitimate national rights as they enter a new phase of struggle on the road to a heroic popular intifada.

It is expected that the general strike will have the support of hundreds of Palestinian popular, social and political organizations in the refugee camps and communities of the Palestinian diaspora as a political, symbolic and militant step of struggle that unites the entire Palestinian people to confront the Zionist massacres against our people in the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem and to confront racist colonialism throughout occupied Palestine.

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