Comrade Enrique Santiago, General Secretary of the Spanish Communist Party, MP from Madrid and Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, and Comrades Mauricio Valente, coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Izquierda Unida (United Left), and Miguel Angel Bustamante, MP from Seville, received a delegation from the Alternative Revolutionary Palestinian Path (Masar Badil) at the headquarters of the Spanish Parliament on Wednesday, November 3.

The meeting, which lasted for about an hour, took place in a comradely atmosphere, as the two sides discussed the results of the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference, which took place in Madrid, Beirut and Sao Paulo last week.

Comrade Enrique Santiago congratulated the party on the success of the Masar Badil Conference, stressing that launching a new international Palestinian movement with a progressive and revolutionary agenda would be an important addition to the anti-capitalist movement for radical change and a new force confronting attempts to obliterate Palestinian rights.

In her turn, Comrade Jaldia Abubakra said that the delegation of the Masar Badil extended its thanks to the leadership and bases of the Communist Party and the Izquierda Unida for the moral, political and logistical support they provided to the Masar Badil Conference.

The two sides agreed to continue meetings, strengthen comradely relations, and work together to defend the legitimate rights of our Palestinian people and their just struggle for return and liberation.

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