The National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the united front of the revolutionary movement in the Philippines, sent a message of solidarity to the Conference on the Alternative Palestinian Path which gathered in Madrid, Spain; Beirut, Lebanon; and Sao Paulo, Brazil, between October 30 and November 20, 2021. Comrade Luis Jalandoni, chief international representative of the NDFP, affirmed that the conference “is a fitting expression of the Palestinian people’s rejection of the Madrid Peace Conference which was conducted at the end of October 1991.”

Jalandoni’s letter continued: “The Madrid Peace Conference marked a turning point in the Palestinian people’s struggle against US imperialism and Zionist Israel  and resulted in great decline and retreat of the Palestinian and  Arab people’s revolutionary cause…It was  advantageous to the interests of US imperialism especially as the United States was preparing to dominate a unipolar world after the first Gulf War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp, and the consequent fundamental changes in the balance of power at all levels, international, Arab and Palestinian.”

The NDFP expressed its commitment to working together to confront imperialism and struggle for liberation from Palestine to the Philippines. “Let us join hands as we struggle to liberate ourselves from the clutches of US imperialism, overthrow the oppressive and exploitative ruling system, and carry forward with determination our struggle for national and social liberation.”

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines was founded in 1973 as a revolutionary united front organization of the Filipino people fighting for national liberation and the democratic rights of the people, including the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army, and many revolutionary organizations throughout the Philippines.

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