Since the boots of colonialism set foot in the stolen land of Palestine and the establishment of the racist Zionist project in 1948, the occupation army and the criminal institutions associated with it have continued their ongoing and systemic policies of killing, destruction and uprooting the Arab Palestinian people from our land. The construction of colonial settlements, walls and prisons continues, as does the project of uprooting and displacement, as we see today in the occupied Naqab, Jerusalem, Masafer Yatta, and elsewhere. These crimes in cities, towns, camps and neighborhoods throughout our occupied homeland, Palestine, constitute a new, violent evolution of a constant policy that has continued on a daily basis for over 73 years. This is taking place in full view and hearing of the world. This is a policy of displacement and war crimes supported by the imperialist and colonialist powers, aiming to control all of the land and deport the rightful owners of our homeland and confine them to ghettoized belts of misery.

One of the most important Zionist institutions that sponsors and finances this colonial policy, providing it with political cover and media support, and attempting to justify the crimes of Zionism with “greenwashing” campaigns, is the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Established in Europe in 1901, the JNF participated in the establishment of the racist settler colonial project in Palestine and the forcible uprooting and displacement of our Palestinian people during the Nakba. The policies and practices of the JNF that have continued since the beginning of the 20th century have not changed or developed. The JNF is still financing and engineering ethnic cleansing in Palestine, the occupation of the land, and the control of Palestinian wealth and resources, and its alleged “ownership” has reached 13% of the land of Palestine.

The so-called “development projects” financed by the Jewish National Fund in occupied Palestine under the slogans of “developing the Negev” and “afforestation of the country” are nothing but a deceptive facade for colonialism in the Naqab and throughout occupied Palestine. The JNF aims to strengthen and perpetuate the Zionist occupation throughout Palestine, from the river to the sea. Accordingly, today we call on the masses of our Palestinian people and all of the friends of Palestine, in Europe and around the world, to stand with our people in the occupied Naqab and southern Palestine, in Jerusalem and throughout occupied Palestine and to support their steadfastness.

We call on you to participate widely in demonstrations outside Israeli consulates and embassies and JNF headquarters and offices on Saturday, 22 January and Friday and Saturday, 28 and 29 January 2022.

Together, we must stand with our steadfast people in Palestine and build bridges of return and liberation.

Let us build a continuous national campaign against the Zionist movement and its racist institutions.


Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil)

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