Comrade Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the Follow-up Committee of the Masar Badil – Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement – said that the French State Council’s decision to freeze the solution of the Collectif Palestine Vaincra means “the beginning of the road for the final defeat of this arbitrary decision.”

Abubakra considered the State Council’s decision “a victory for the Palestinian people and their liberation movement and the forces of solidarity that stood united by the Collectif in its tireless struggle to confront the unjust decree issued by French President Emmanuel Macron.”

Abubakra said that “the commitment and persistence of our comrades in France, the efforts made by the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and dozens of forces, unions and solidarity organizations around the world, has led to a result that benefits our people and the revolutionary political line represented by the Collectif Palestine Vaincra. This result comes in support of its principled position in defending the rights of the Palestinian people and their legitimate resistance for liberation and return.”

Abubakra warned against “reliance on this partial victory,” calling for expanding “action and confrontation against the racist and Zionist forces in France and pushing it further steps backward, and advancing the movement supporting the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and our full and undiminished rights in Europe and the world.”

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