On the ominous anniversary of the Oslo Accords,
we will not give up a grain of soil from our homeland… not a drop of water from our rivers

“Demonstration of National Dignity: Palestine from the River to the Sea”

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) calls upon all to join in a Palestinian community demonstration in front of the Norwegian Parliament building under the slogan:
“Stand for National Dignity: Liberate Palestine from the River to the Sea.”

We will declare a clear position against Zionist crimes and policies, and renew our rejection of the disastrous Oslo Accords and their serious consequences and repercussions for the rights of our Palestinian people

We call on the masses of our Palestinian people, our Arab and Muslim communities in Norway, and all the forces of solidarity with the Palestinian people’s cause and their legitimate national rights to participate widely in restoring the national compass and the path of return and liberation as an alternative to the approach of negotiations, surrender and submission.

Let us stand united against racist Zionist colonialism and all projects of liquidation and normalization

Saturday 10 September 2022
at 4:00 pm
in front of the Norwegian Parliament
Storting building, Karl Johans gate 22, 0026 Oslo

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