Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea!

The Masar Badil (Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement) called for widespread participation in demonstrations and actions to be held in Oslo, Norway, on 10 September and Basel, Switzerland, between 27 and 29 August. Basel is the city from which the World Zionist Organization under Theodor Herzl launched its project of colonizing Palestine and establishing the so-called “Jewish State” after the First Zionist Congress on 29 August 1897.

Mohammed Khatib, a member of the Follow-Up Committee of the Masar, said, “We are calling for participation in these actions in cooperation with our comrades and friends in Norway and Switzerland to affirm that the Oslo Accords were a logical and catastrophic result of the normalization of Zionism and its sponsorship by imperialism, leading to the defeat of the official Arab regimes and the treacherous approach of the official leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization. There is no more urgent task for the Palestinian people than to create a revolutionary alternative and a new approach to defeat Zionism and achieve our return and liberation.

He added, “We want to emphasize through these mass actions that the Zionist project achieved its accomplishments because of the unlimited support it received from the colonialist and imperialist powers and because of the nature of the Arab reactionary forces that colluded with it and the involvement of collaborationist Palestinian sectors that were and still are prioritizing their interests at the expense of the Palestinian people and their national rights and liberation, working for the benefit of the Zionist entity and providing it with security and protection.

Organizing popular demonstrations in Oslo, nearly 30 years after the signing of the fateful agreement negotiated there, and confronting the World Zionist Organization in Basel, 125 years after its first conference, confirms that the struggle between our Palestinian and Arab people and this colonial project has not ended. Our people will never raise the white flag of surrender despite the passage of over 125 years of colonization, and they are continuing their struggle until victory,” Khatib said.

On the anniversary of the birth of Al-Hakim, Dr. George Habash, today, we must remember his historic affirmation that the struggle against the Zionist project may last 100 years or more — so those who are short of breath for the struggle should step aside,” he concluded.

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