The Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement mourned the great leader, Taysir al-Jabari “Abu Mahmoud”, of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, who was martyred in a treacherous Zionist assassination crime targeting him in the city of Gaza. The movement calls upon all of the organizations and individuals that support it and all of the democratic and popular forces in the world to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza and to stand by the forces of the Palestinian resistance and their militant confrontation of the Zionist aggression on besieged Gaza.

In an urgent directive sent to all members and organizations, the Masar Badil said, “We call on you to immediately start organizing mass, political and media events in all locations in the diaspora and around the world in order to defend our steadfast Palestinian people against the Zionist aggression and its ongoing tightening of the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement made an urgent appeal to the liberation movements and the Palestine solidarity movement internationally to respond to the current developments in occupied Palestine and to declare a state of alert in order to confront the ongoing daily Zionist aggression against our people in all of occupied Palestine, especially the policy of assassinations and arrests.

The movement affirmed that the United States, the reactionary Arab regimes and the forces of normalization in the region are direct partners in this Zionist crime and this brutal aggression against our Palestinian people.

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