A call to the progressive and left forces in Norway to join the demonstration for the liberation of Palestine on Saturday, September 10, 2022

Join us to boycott Israeli colonialism and mark the 29th anniversary of the disastrous Oslo accords!


The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) is calling on our friends and comrades in the progressive and leftist organizations and forces, and the student, labour and women’s movements throughout Norway to join us on Saturday, September 10, 2022, in a demonstration in front of the Norwegian Parliament at 4:00 pm. This demonstration  calls for the liberation of Palestine and strengthening the movement to boycott and confront Israeli colonialism, marking the 29th anniversary of the disastrous “Oslo accords.”

The Masar Badil movement, a Palestinian popular movement launched on November 1, 2021, is organizing this demonstration on the 29th anniversary of the signing of these accords in Washington, D.C. Far from representing a road to peace, these accords held catastrophic and dangerous results for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people’s rights.

The Norwegian government, through spearheading the process of these accords, participated in this crime against the Palestinian people and their rights, alongside imperialist, Zionist and Arab reactionary forces. 29 years later, it is more clear than ever: it is time to bring down this failed agreement to liquidate the Palestinian cause and all of its outcomes.

The “Declaration of Principles” was signed between some leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Israeli occupation state in Washington, DC, on September 13, 1993, but the agreement bears the name “Oslo Accords” in reference to the secret negotiations which led to it, which took place under the auspices of Norway. This agreement is illegitimate, conducted without the consent of the Palestinian people, and did not produce anything for the Palestinian people except creating a puppet “Palestinian Authority” that follows the orders of the occupiers.

In fact, this agreement always aimed and continues to aim solely at securing the interests of the Israeli occupation, while providing some side benefits to the Palestinian capitalist class, which aims to preserve its privileges at the expense of the Palestinian people, their cause and their rights.

Today, we call on you to join us: Declare your position against the Zionist colonial entity and its crimes, and take a stand against this agreement and its effects. Together, we must hold the government of Norway responsible for participating in this project to liquidate Palestinian rights. The so-called “peace process” launched from the 1991 Madrid conference and 1993 Oslo agreement was nothing but a tactic of deception of international public opinion. This deception was used by the United States and “Israel” to steal more Palestinian land and perpetuate a system of colonialism, racism, exploitation and apartheid throughout Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Your participation in the demonstration on Saturday, September 10 in Oslo marks an important opportunity to participate in building a popular Palestinian path that is an alternative to the failed path of Oslo. This is also an alternative international revolutionary path confronting the path of negotiations and normalization sponsored by imperialist and colonialist powers.


Joining in this important demonstration represents a new step forward in building comradely relations with the Palestinian liberation movement to achieve our liberation project, based on the liberation of Palestine, the return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and properties, and the establishment of a democratic Palestine throughout our homeland, occupied since 1948.

Your participation is also important to develop and activate the international popular movement to boycott the Israeli occupation, its products and institutions, and to confront racist Zionist organizations in Norway and throughout Europe that support “Israel” and justify its bloody massacres and ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people, as we have seen most recently in the Israeli aggression on Gaza, which took the lives of 49 Palestinians.

Finally, if our leftist movements in Palestine, Norway and the world were not able to stop the path of surrender and deception of the Oslo Accords in 1993, our responsibility today calls upon us to declare a clear position, participate in campaigns and raise our voices together to boycott Zionist colonialism and support the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people to achieve return and liberation.


Down with racism, Zionism and imperialism… Down with the Oslo Accords!

Long live international solidarity with the Palestinian people!

Together we build our popular and international movement for the freedom of Palestine!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!


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