The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces in Gaza held a press conference on Monday, October 3 to reject the visit of Zionist war criminals to Europe, specifically for today’s EU-“Israel” Association Council meeting, which was scheduled to be led by the war criminal prime minister of the Zionist entity, Yair Lapid. In a letter addressed to EU officials and a public statement, they declared that the leadership of the Palestinian resistance and the National and Islamic forces have been watching these developments closely and view the situation clearly.

Referring to Lapid’s statements at the United Nations General Assembly, they noted, “We consider the statements of war criminal Lapid in his speech at the United Nations and his reference to the ‘two state solution’ came to facilitate precisely this event, because the Zionist entity wants to achieve economic gains and considers the European Union its first economic partner. The so-called ‘two-state solution’ is just a deceitful liquidationist slogan employed to achieve gains for Zionism and to provide excuses and justifications for the ‘friends of Israel’ in Europe to circumvent reality and European and international law.”

The speakers praised the dozens of Members of European Parliament who issued a statement on September 22 calling for the cancellation of the expanded Association Council meeting, noting that the council had not met for 10 years. It urged Europeans of conscience to do more to mobilize popular and progressive forces to demand the cancellation of this meeting and an end to the EU-“Israel” Association Agreement, which provides the Zionist entity with funding preference and free trade access to the European market for its goods and products made through the expropriation and exploitation of Palestinian land and labor.

The speakers at the press conference noted that, “What Israel is doing on the ground in the occupied West Bank, including building settlements, confiscating land, demolishing homes, and all of the continuous policies of Israelization and Judaization of the city of Jerusalem and its surroundings since 1967, the ongoing siege on our people in Gaza for the 16th year, the theft of water resources in the West Bank, the looting of natural gas from the Gaza sea, building the racist annexation wall, the detention of thousands of our people in prisons, and all the war crimes and daily aggression that the occupation does on the ground make the slogan of the ‘two-state solution’ just a dangerous deception, in addition to our initial rejection of this deceptive liquidationist ‘solution.'”

Speakers noted the many war crimes — including the most recent — of the Zionist officials, including the plan to expel the Palestinians of Masafer Yatta, the siege and bombing of Gaza, the construction of illegal colonial settlements and the ongoing displacement, home demolitions and attacks on holy sites in Jerusalem. “Unfortunately, Europe does not care about all these facts. Rather, it wants to open the door wide to a criminal, murderer, right-wing extremist and racist whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, and offers him a reward in the billions of dollars, and even helps him in the Israeli elections scheduled for next November 1. The decision to receive Lapid means actual European participation in the aggression against our Palestinian people and a disregard for our rights and all the charters and laws that Europe claims to respect.”

They urged Palestinian, Arab and Muslim communities, boycott campaigns and Palestine solidarity organizations in Europe and around the world to put a stop to this meeting and the EU-“Israel” Association Agreement. “The criminal should not be rewarded, but should be punished, boycotted and isolated.”

An end to the EU-“Israel” Association Agreement — and kicking Israel out of the UN — is one of the primary demands of the March for Return and Liberation, being organized by the Masar Badil in Brussels, Belgium on October 29, 2022. We invite all to join us at 2 pm to gather at Lumumba Square and March to the European Parliament for the liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

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