Elections in the Zionist entity: Why is the call for a boycott of the “Knesset” elections a national duty for all Palestinians?

Towards a strategy for activating the call to boycott zionist “elections” as a means of struggle to protect and reclaim Palestinian national identity

A seminar with Muhannad Abu Ghosh on the Zoom application on Thursday 13 October 2022 at 8 pm Occupied Palestine time. This seminar will take place in Arabic

The Alternative Revolutionary Palestinian Track Movement continues the popular campaign against participating in the Zionist “Knesset” elections and any elections that may contribute to the legalization of the Zionist settler colonial entity “Israel” and normalization with its racist settler entity, whether they take place in occupied Palestine in 1948 or within the so-called “self-rule” Palestinian Authority.

We call on the masses of our Palestinian people everywhere to unite together to protect the Palestinian narrative and rights in order to build a united national front for return and liberation.


Meeting ID: 890 4520 6445

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