The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) called on all supporters and associated organizations to respond to the call issued by the Committee to Commemorate Samah Idriss, the late Arab intellectual who passed away on 25 November 2021, and to organize activities and events confronting Zionist colonialism and its allies on the first anniversary of the departure of the Lebanese writer (1961-2021), Samah Idriss, editor-in-chief of the prestigious Al-Adab magazine, was one of the founders of the Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement and one of the most prominent advocates for the Palestinian people and their rights.

In a statement issued in Brussels in early November, the movement announced its intention to commemorate the death of the writer Samah Idriss during week between 23-30 November 2022. “The anniversary of his departure every year will be an occasion of struggle and confrontation of the Zionist enemy and its agents, and his ideas will remain a shining beacon for the strugglers, inspiring all of the friends of our cause and enraging the enemy.” These events will be organized under the slogan, “If we abandon Palestine, we abandon ourselves.”

The movement also called on the comrades and friends of Idriss, who remained loyal to Palestine and its people, to amplify and carry on his will, not to abandon the people of Palestine and his firm principles, adherence to the national liberation struggle, and steadfastness on the road to return and liberation until victory.

The late writer Samah Idris is considered one of the most prominent Arab voices in founding the movement to boycott the Zionist entity and its supporters in Lebanon and the Arab region more broadly. He played an important role in confronting normalization, in addition to his cultural and intellectual activity in supporting the resistance and the creative works he left behind, including novels, literary studies, stories for children and youth, publishing, translations, and others.

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