Jose Maria Sison and his comrades established one of the most important global revolutionary movements that is still fighting fiercely today, and provide us with an ongoing living example of the peoples’ ability to continue their just struggle to confront U.S. imperialism and the forces of exploitation and the plundering corporations in the Philippines and globally.

The thought and analysis of comrade Jose Maria Sison, his dedicated struggle, and the studies, books and experiences of struggle he has left for the revolutionary movement, inside and outside prisons, and his founding leadership role in the Communist Party and the National Democratic Front, will remain an intellectual reference and a reference of struggle, and his firm positions remain a sincere revolutionary justice for the struggle for social justice, socialism, and the liberation of land and humanity.

The Masar Badil saluted Comrade Joma’s clear stance toward Arab liberation that he upheld until the last day of his life. He continually stood with the Palestinian people, at the forefront of support for the prisoners’ movement and its struggles in the Zionist prisons, as a clear defender of Palestinian and Arab rights and liberation. He was a clear, bold voice for the right of our Palestinian people to obtain their freedom through armed resistance to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea. With his passing, the Palestinian and Arab resistance has lost, and Palestine has lost, a lifelong and loyal comrade to the struggle of our Palestinian people for return and liberation.

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