The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Revolutionary Alternative Path Movement, expressed its appreciation to all trade union organizations, boycott committees, and committed friends of Palestine that participated in the popular campaign to cancel the so-called “twinning” agreement between the city of Barcelona, and the municipality of “Tel Aviv.” The movement considered that “the struggles of our people and the people of Barcelona have accomplished an important achievement today in confronting the Zionist regime and the forces of normalization in the region.”

Comrade Jaldia Abu Bakra, a member of the Executive Committee of the Masar Badil, said that “The Barcelona municipality today presented an an important example in responding to the demands of the popular campaign, and became the first major municipality to freeze a twinning agreement with Tel Aviv,” emphasizing that the Masar Badil “values ​​this step and considers it a new victory for our people and their resistance in the homeland and in the diaspora, and an achievement of the movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people and a political step in the right direction.”

Abu Bakra continued, “What happened today in Barcelona also constitutes a strong blow to the Arab countries that seek normalization with the enemy entity at a time when we see such popular movements in support of the Palestinian people in Spain and Europe.”

Abu Bakra called for “the widest popular participation” in the demonstration called for by the Masar, next Saturday, February 11, in Madrid, to confront Zionist crimes and to strengthen the popular and international boycott movement confronting the Zionist colonial entity throughout occupied Palestine.

The Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, announced today the “freezing of all relations with Israel, including the suspension of the twinning agreement with the Israeli municipality of Tel Aviv.” This action was demanded by hundreds of organizations, including many trade unions and leftist parties and forces in the city, and supported by 5,000 residents of Barcelona in a petition. 


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