Comrade Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil), said that “The Zionist entity is experiencing an internal crisis that expresses itself daily in occupied Palestine and at the international level, especially after the failure of its military forces to control the escalation of resistance operations in occupied Jerusalem, amid the escalating capacity of the resistance in the West Bank and the escalating struggle inside the prisons in the battle of the ‘volcano of freedom or martyrdom.’ This means that the Zionist project is attempting to export its internal crisis and cover for its weakness and failure by carrying out more massacres and assassinations against the Palestinian people, as we witnessed today in Nablus.”

Abubakra also noted that these events continue to reveal the true face of the so-called “Palestinian Authority,” saying that “This puppet authority acts as an agent of the occupation and moved many years ago to a position of junior partnership with the Zionist entity.”

She noted that “some of the agencies of the Authority have become agents ready to implement hostile U.S. and Zionist plans, not only in the West Bank alone, but as part of the comprehensive project that aims to liquidate Palestinian rights, in full coordination with the occupation entity and U.S., Jordanian and Egyptian intelligence agencies.”

The crimes of the Zionist entity are revealed before the world and are nearly impossible to justify to international public opinion, Abubakra said, but they are being provided cover by the actions of the Palestinian Authority, the reactionary Arab regimes and their normalization projects, as we recently saw in the United Nations several days ago, when the PA’s representative agreed to the United States’ initiative to drop a draft resolution in the Security Council condemning the building of illegal Zionist settlements in the West Bank.

Abubakra emphasized the need to build a unified national front that goes beyond mere formal or symbolic positions by Palestinian factions in order to confront the major challenges facing our Palestinian people at this stage, in light of the presence of a fascist Zionist regime that works day and night to steal more land, target the resistance and the prisoners’ movement, violate Christian and Muslim holy sites, and tighten its criminal siege on our people in the Gaza Strip.

“We must thwart the plans of the Zionist entity and the PA by redoubling our efforts to support the resistance in Palestine and rallying all people to support the prisoners in the occupation prisons, especially the battle of the “Volcano of Freedom or Martyrdom” and the escalating strikes in Zionists prisons and detention centers,” she affirmed.


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