The Executive Committee of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, considers that the participation of the Palestinian Authority in the Aqaba meeting sponsored by the United States in Aqaba, Jordan, is a reckless crime against the Palestinian people.

What is happening today in occupied Palestine, especially in the cities of Jenin and Nablus and a number of refugee camps throughout the West Bank, requires a new, radical and decisive position from the Palestinian resistance forces. This reality also highlights our greater responsibilities in the Palestinian diaspora to confront the liquidation project and the policy of repression against the masses of our people as a whole, and particularly the popular cradle of the resistance in occupied Palestine.

The Palestinian Authority’s repression of the people, the student movement and the resistance in the occupied West Bank of Palestine is not new. In fact, the Authority and the forces that comprise it are an integral part of the liquidationist camp since the Madrid conference in 1991, and especially following the Oslo Accords in 1993. It participates publicly and covertly in protecting the security of the Zionist entity, which is a crime against the Palestinian people for which accountability must be imposed by the Palestinian people.

Such meetings, sponsored by the United States, have results that are planned and known in advance. We have witnessed this scene and its component parties dozens of times, the last of which was the “Negev Summit” and before that the “economic summit” in Bahrain. Security coordination is planned at the official Arab level as well as the level of the PA, and is no longer solely limited to the triangle of Camp David, Wadi Araba and Oslo.

The Authority in Ramallah will gain only more weakness, shame and dependency on U.S. and Zionist conditions, and the delegation of the Authority will return from this meeting to practice oppression, corruption, and tampering with the rights of our people, the Masar affirmed.

The Palestinian popular majority realizes that the Oslo entity acts as an agent for the occupation and has become a haven for the forces of security coordination and small Palestinian factions that have long since abandoned the path of resistance.

The Masar concluded: The only goal of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is to preserve its own existence and class privileges, and this will only result in further deepening its dependence on the fascist U.S.-Zionist alliance and the reactionary Arab regimes at the expense of our Palestinian people, their dignity and their national rights.

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