Madrid – Spain

March 1, 2023

Alkarama, the Palestinian Women’s Mobilization called upon the masses of our Palestinian people in exile and diaspora to continue their popular efforts and militant struggle in support of the Palestinian resistance and the prisoners’ movement, confronting the Zionist massacres and siege, and calling for strengthening the steadfastness of Palestinian and Arab women and supporting their national and social struggle for return and liberation.

Alkarama urged revolutionary feminist organizations, liberation movements and friendly parties around the world to strengthen their alliance of struggle with the Palestinian and Arab resistance in confronting U.S. and European imperialism, the Zionist movement, and its allies in the racist and fascist forces of Europe. The movement also announced its participation in the Internatial Campaign to Liberate the Bodies of the Martyrs and in popular activities to support the Palestinian prisoners’ movement in occupation jails.

In particular, Alkarama urged all Palestinian, Arab and Muslim communities and organizations in Europe to join in the March of Palestine: Unity of the People, the Land and the Resistance campaign launched by te Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revoluionary Path Movement. In advance of the holy month of Ramadan, Alkarama emphasizes the importance of boycotting occupation products, in particular “Israeli” dates and other products being marketed by companies in Europe and internationally, and calls upon Palestinian women in Europe, North America and Latin America to participate widely in the popular campaign to boycott Zionist products.

The month of March 2023 is an important occasion of struggle for Palestinian women and the Palestinian people in general, Alkarama said, noting that the commemoration of International Women’s Day and Land Day are important opportunities to build bridges of joint struggle and solidarity among our Palestinian communities in exile and diaspora, youth and student organizations, and women’s and feminist organizations.

Alkarama salutes all Palestinian women in struggle, led by the steadfast women prisoners in the occupation jails, and working women of the popular classes struggling on various fronts and in the fields of revolutionary, cultural, social and educational work.


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