Comrade Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the executive body of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, said, “The conferences held by Zionist propagandists and the tweets of the leaders and ambassadors of the Zionist entity in Europe and North America that target the Samidoun Network hold no value. We reaffirm once again that the voice of the prisoners’ movement is louder than the voice of the Zionist entity. These attacks only prove the ineffectiveness and failure of the occupation seeking the help of its allies, particularly from colonialist, racist and fascist forces.”

Abubakra denounced “a festival of lies in the European Parliament,” referring to the meeting organized by Zionist organizations with the support of Israeli officials in Brussels in the European Parliament, noting that it reflects “the impasse and crisis of the Zionist movement,” given the ongoing developments in support of the Palestinian people and the resistance camp in Palestine and in the region.

“This campaign launched by Zionist organizations in the West against Samidoun is nothing new. It aims primarily to distort the struggles of the prisoners’ movement, which achieved an important victory just one year ago over the criminal Ben Gvir. Zionist organizations aim to work closely with right-wing and even fascist forces in Europe with the aim of preventing us from building our movement, based on popular internationalism. This growing movement for justice in Palestine strongly supports the prisoners and their struggle, and the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance,” Abubakra said.

She further urged all to “concentrate our efforts in the Palestinian diaspora to confront Zionist crimes, and work to organize the broadest international popular campaign to liberate the imprisoned Palestinian writer and activist Walid Daqqah, who is fighting a battle against death, and to support the struggle of the prisoners’ movement in the occupation jails. These are the main tasks on the agenda of the Samidoun Network.”

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