The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, convened its first conference on Turtle Island (North America) in Ottawa on 28-30 April 2023, despite a frenzied Zionist campaign by right-wing media and Israeli embassies in the U.S. and Canada that failed in their attempt to force the cancellation of the “Palestine: Envisioning Liberation, Confronting Colonialism” conference.

Nearly 100 people representing 25 organizations, parties, associations and unions participated in the conference, which collectively declared the official launch of the Masar Badil movement in the United States and Canada, and expressed their determination to “confront Zionist colonialism, racism and settler colonialism in Palestine and North America. ” They affirmed their support for the Palestinian people’s struggle and the prisoners’ movement, and of the resistance camp in Palestine, Lebanon and the entire Arab region, as well as their determination to expand and develop the comprehensive boycott of the occupation and translate the slogan of the unity of all fronts on the international and popular levels into a material reality.

Despite heavy rain and bad weather in Ottawa, the Masar Badil concluded its conference with the Liberation March, which roamed the streets of the Canadian capital, where participants chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” and their support for the resistance and the intifada.

Participants in the conference also condemned the Zionist and U.S. crimes in occupied Palestine and around the world, and expressed their anger at and rejection of Canadian official positions in support of the settler colonial entity in occupied Palestine, and the racist European policies, especially those of Germany, which “claims to respect human rights while banning the activities of Palestinian Prisoner’s Day and Marches for Return, confiscating the rights of Arab communities and repressing Palestinian refugees and robbing them of their natural, human and legal right to organization and expression.”

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