The Zionist enemy kills Sheikh Khader Adnan: Masar Badil calls for continuous days of rage beginning Friday

The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement called on all its organizations, supporters, the masses of our Palestinian people in the diaspora, and all movements and groups in solidarity with Palestine to declare a state of popular anger and organize demonstrations, marches and actions in cities and capitals of the world to protest against the Zionist execution policy in the Israeli occupation prisons, and against the crime of assassinating Sheikh Khader Adnan after 86 days of daily torture.

Comrade Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the executive committee of the movement, said that “the heinous policy of public execution that Sheikh Khader Adnan was subjected to in the Zionist occupation prisons constitutes a Zionist, U.S., and European crime. The Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network had previously warned of the intentions of the occupier to assassinate Sheikh Khader Adnan, especially after the failure of the occupation regime to break his will four times and their demand for an unjust sentence of 5 years in prison. The warnings were clear that the enemy seeks to kill him this time.”

Abubakra quoted Mrs. Randa Musa, the wife of Sheikh Khader Adnan, noting that she had been told of the occupation’s desire to kill her husband: “Last time they came to arrest him, one of the intelligence officers threatened him, literally telling his wife, ‘We will blow his head off.'”

She added, “Sheikh Khader Adnan is a martyr of the prisoners’ movement, a martyr of national dignity and a martyr of humanity. He marched on the path of hunger and steadfastness over the path of submission, kneeling and humiliation, so they killed him after 86 days of torture. The blood of Sheikh Khader Adnan is on the hands of every racist and Zionist colonizer in Palestine, as well as on the hands of the Palestinian Authority and the puppet Arab regimes and those who justify the occupation’s crimes against our people and our prisoners in occupied Palestine.”


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