The joint leadership of the Popular Democratic Party and the Arab Socialist Action Party in Lebanon mourned the martyr leader Khader Adnan, who was assassinated by the Zionist jailer after 86 days of hunger strike rejecting his illegitimate arrest and detention.

The joint statement affirmed that the Palestinian prisoners’ movement is and will remain the vanguard of defense of the Palestinian national liberation struggle, waging a battle of wills with the occupier, and is always victorious; this movement has turned the prisons into a school of heroism, a lever of resistance and a call for the next victory.

In their statement, the joint parties emphasized that the response to the martyrdom of the leader Khader Adnan and the ongoing Zionist crimes against thousands of Palestinian prisoners is to escalate the resistance in all of its forms, at the top of which is the armed struggle, to unify all fronts and perpetuate the struggle with the occupier throughout historic Palestine.

The parties’ joint leadership expressed their deepest condolences to the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, the Palestinian resistance forces and factions, the Palestinian people and the family of the martyr Khader Adnan. The struggle of the Palestinian people will achieve victory and the liberation of the land from the river to the sea, along with the Arab liberation forces and all the free people of the world. This comes particularly at a time when we are witnessing an important escalation in the international solidarity movement with Palestine, which is bringing panic to the Zionist movement and leading them to launch campaigns of incitement against the struggling organizations and movements.

The statement concluded with a confident declaration: Palestine, the birthplace of the fedayeen, the strugglers, martyrs and prisoners, will definitely be victorious.


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