On this day, the anniversary of the liberation of southern Lebanon 23 years ago, the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Revolutionary Alternative Path Movement, expresses its highest appreciation and loyalty to all of those who made the march of victory and liberation in southern Lebanon possible, and to the sacrifices of the Palestinian and Lebanese people, and all of our Arab and Islamic peoples, and the free people of the world, especially the martyrs, prisoners and wounded.

The path of resistance, which was founded upon and baptized with the blood of the martyrs and the suffering of the prisoners and the wounded, will remain the only path capable of confronting Zionist colonialism and the forces of imperialism and hegemony.

On the anniversary of this liberation, that was achieved with great struggle and sacrifices on May 25, 2000, we reaffirm that this is not a fleeting moment in our history, but an Arab revolutionary model and a model for humanity, an eternal shining milestone, created by the struggling popular cradle of support and sustenance in southern Lebanon that gathered around the camp of the national, Arab and Islamic resistance in Lebanon and in the region. This moment will remain a bright signpost on the path toward return and victory.

We remind ourselves on this day, first, that the liberation march did not begin on May 25, 2000, and has not yet ended. Palestine is still occupied from the river to the sea, and the Syrian Golan is still occupied since 1967, in addition to the remaining parts of Lebanese land (Shebaa farms and Kafr Shuba hills, and the Lebanese part of the village of Ghajar). Indeed, most of the Arab world, from the ocean to the Gulf, is still groaning under the burdens and restrictions of hegemony, colonialism, systems of backwardness, underdevelopment, reaction and normalization. Accordingly, the comprehensive national and Arab resistance, its expansion and development, and ensuring the continued growth and accumulation of its capacities, must remain the task of the peoples, the resistance movements, and their supporters in all areas.

The new generation that was born after the year 2000 is the one that today leads the ranks of the heroic resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, and inside the cells and prisons of the occupation. They are the ones who stand firm and ready for confrontation, prepared behind missile sites and holding to their resistance weapons, resisting in all popular, cultural and media arenas and fields, and on the various fronts of comprehensive resistance, especially in the Gaza Strip and the struggling camps, villages and cities of the West Bank.

We in the Masar Badil movement call upon ourselves, all of our comrades and supporters, and the various forces of solidarity and liberation on the Arab and international levels to read and be inspired by the lessons of liberation on May 25 and to reinforce the approach of resistance as a tested revolutionary alternative in order to continue the struggle to regain our complete and undiminished Palestinian and Arab rights and liberation.

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