The Zionist occupation ambassador in Berlin, Germany, Ron Prosor, expressed his anger over the presence of the issue of Palestinian prisoners “on trees” and in the streets of Berlin, which “have become similar to the streets of Gaza,” as the occupation ambassador said in a previous tweet about a week ago.

“I am sure that the citizens of Berlin were very surprised that the Samidoun terrorist organization did not think of collecting donations for the needy and elderly Palestinians, God forbid,” Persor said in a recorded statement, referring to the popular campaigns organized by the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network in Berlin in support of the Palestinian prisoners, raising their profile and highlighting their cases.

Prosor, who held the position of ambassador of the Zionist entity to the United Nations from 2011-2015, added in a video recorded in Hebrew that he posted on his page, “The wide popular campaign to support terrorist organizations hanging on trees is a direct result of the policy of rewarding terrorist prisoners.”

He added, “If Europe, and in its heart Germany, does not want the Samidoun network and the recruitment of terrorists, then it must clearly condemn that, as these are terrorist acts. Work must be done to expel the Samidoun and consider it an outside organization.” 

The Samidoun Network is considered the most active international Palestinian organization in defending the Palestinian prisoners’ movement in Europe and the diaspora. Many Zionist campaigns are being launched against Samidoun, as its cadres are constantly targeted for repression in Germany, Spain and France. The Zionist Minister of War, Benny Gantz, included Samidoun on the so-called “Israeli terror list” in February 2021.

Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement and the Samidoun Coordinator in Madrid, said, “The statements of the Zionist entity’s ambassador express the occupation’s anger at the Palestinian and Arab popular embrace of the cause of Palestinian prisoners in Europe, especially in Berlin,” where about 80,000 Palestinian refugees reside. She noted that “the continuous attack on us confirms that we are on the right revolutionary path,” and called for the widest participation in the international campaign against oppression and racism in Germany.

Abubakra asked, “Why does the ambassador of the Zionist entity in Berlin record a speech against us in Hebrew and not in German? She said, “It seems that he wants to submit this report to his directors at the Zionist Foreign Ministry in Tel Aviv, to express the state of frustration experienced by the Zionist movement and his embassy in Berlin.”

Abu Bakra considered the issue of the prisoners in the occupation prisons to remain “the central and constant issue on the agenda of the Samidoun Network, and it will be a major task in the program of the Masar Badil movement over the coming year.”

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