The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement saluted the heroic Ramallah operation by Palestinian fighters, which resulted in the killing of 4 Zionist settlers and the wounding of 4 more, stressing that the escalating resistance operations throughout occupied Palestine, and in the West Bank in particular, will change the equations of force and deterrence in confronting colonization.

These qualitative resistance actions have left about 30 Zionists dead and about 220 wounded since the beginning of this year. The escalation of armed resistance in the occupied Palestinian West Bank is an effective deterrence equation in confronting the occupation forces and settler colonization on the one hand, and at the same time rejecting the path of surrender and normalization on the other hand.

In addition, this situation highlights the growing ability of the Palestinian resistance to inflict heavy economic losses on the colonial entity, particularly during the tourist season, from which the enemy seeks to achieve and reap billions from in a few short months.

The movement renews its call to all popular international forces and liberation movements around the world and the international campaigns for boycott of the Zionist project to support the armed resistance in Palestine and the region, to express their rejection of U.S. and European imperialist policies, and to declare their principled position in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people and the path of resistance and liberation.

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