The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement said that the valiant Palestinian resistance in the camp and city of Jenin is strong, unified, and capable of thwarting the Zionist aggression. The movement called on all its popular organizations, supporters, and all solidarity forces and liberation movements around the world to begin organizing activities and demonstrations to support our Palestinian people and their heroic resistance in Jenin camp and city. The Palestinian people in the homeland and in exile and diaspora are united around the valiant resistance that is currently confronting the brutal Zionist-U.S. aggression, and is confirming with its blood and bullets its ability to confront the attack. This historical battle is being fought under the banner and flag of the people of Palestine.

The Masar Badil reaffirmed its strongest confidence in the Palestinian resistance and its ability to transform the Zionist aggression into an opportunity to strengthen the unity of our people and the integration of all the arenas and fronts of resistance throughout occupied Palestine, the Arab region and the world.

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