Mohammed Khatib, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, said that the fall of the liquidationist, so-called “two-state solution” due to the policies of the Zionist entity, the realities of the struggle in Palestine and the region, and the reality on the ground, “necessitates restoring the principles of our Arab Palestinian revolutionary project, to achieve our return and the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Khatib indicated that “we must stop searching in the maze of ‘solutions’ and flashy promotions of a ‘one-state solution’ that falls short of true liberation. The Palestinian people are not fighting for a ‘solution’ but rather in order to extract and implement their legitimate national rights, recover their occupied lands and restore their looted wealth, land and resources.” What is needed now, he said, is to build the momentum for return, liberation and victory first.

Khatib said, “the so-called independent state within the borders of June 4, 1967, was always a deception. Today it remains a mere slogan that some states, the Palestinian Authority and some Arab parties continue to pronounce in international fora and conferences, the latest of which was the meeting between the official Arab parties and the Communist Party of China, which unfortunately issued a weak statement that called for pumping oxygen to the ‘two-state solution’ rather than the total liberation of Palestine.”

He emphasized that the puppet “self-rule” Authority in the West Bank must be overthrown, while strengthening the unity of the resistance forces, and exposing the internal contradictions in the Zionist projet and the enemy camp. Khatib noted that there are “personalities and forces from the Oslo agreements and the Oslo sector that today want to wash their hands of this destruction by jumping to vague advocacy for ‘one state solution’.”

Khatib said further, “We do not question the intentions of many forces and intellectuals who are taking this path. No one is able to confiscate their right to express themselves and we do not question their national commitment. However, the road to hell can be paved with good intentions.”

He further reaffirmed the position of the Masar Badil totally rejecting normalization and condemning the visits that some Arab artists make to occupied Palestine. He also denounced the policies of the Moroccan regime and the unjust sentences it has issued against activists courageously confronting normalization with the Zionist entity.

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