Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the Executive Committee of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, described the decision of the Berlin immigration office to impose a comprehensive political ban on our comrade Musaab Abu Atta, 26, and bar him from political activity in Berlin, as a “racist decision,” emphasizing that “The will of our comrades in the Samidoun Network is strong and this will not intimidate or deter us.”

Abubakra said, “The German state has issued a series of arbitrary repressive measures and decisions against comrade Musaab Abu Atta, member of the Executive Committee of the Masar, since he first entered Germany in 2015 and is still systematically targeting with him arrest, trial and harassment on multiple occasions, leading to the recent racist decision to ban his activity.” The political ban on his activity in Berlin lasts until October 31.

The immigration office issued an 18-page document that included an order banning Musaab Abu Atta from participating in any public, political, or other activities and events in Berlin, considering that his activity “threatens the internal security of German society.” The order also prohibits his participation in any activities and gatherings related to the #StandWithZaid campaign in support of comrade Zaid Abdulnasser, the coordinator of the Samidoun Network in Germany, who is also being threatened with the withdrawal of his residency.

Abubakra said further, “The immigration office’s document clearly revealed the racist essence of this political order targeting the leadership role of Comrade Musab Abu Atta in defending the Palestinian prisoners, and also targets the Masar Badil movement and the voice of the prisoners’ movement. The incitement of the Zionist entity and Zionist organizations against the Samidoun Network is no secret to anyone.”

“The Masar is determined to continue its popular campaign against repression and racism in Germany and to confront the European policies targeting Palestinian refugees and seeking to confiscate their voice and their  natural rights to participation, expression and political and community organizing,” she said.


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