As the occupation resumes its war of ethnic cleansing, genocide and aggression, the Masar Badil urges an escalatio of international popular solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian Resistance.

Jaldia Abubakra, a member of the Executive Committee of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, said on December 1 that the Zionists’ resumption of their bloody criminal war of extermination against the Palestinian people in Gaza came with the green light from the United States, especially after the arrival of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his meeting with the “war cabinet” leadership of the Zionist regime.

“The Israeli occupation regime resumed its criminal bombing of the Gaza Strip and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, with clear American and European support, after one week of the so-called ‘humanitarian truce’, and after the racist Zionist entity has failed to achieve its goals or extract any concessions from the Palestinian Resistance,” Abubakra said.

“Palestinian hospitals in Gaza did not receive any real support throughout the past week,” she said, noting that “the so-called humanitarian aid received is less than 1% of what our people in the Gaza Strip require. The number of trucks that entered Gaza does not exceed 1200, the same number that entered Gaza in only 48 hours prior to the launch of the aggression on Gaza.”

“The resistance has shown great flexibility in dealing with the mediators regarding the temporary ceasefire, but the government and society of the Israeli enemy is saturated with racism and fascism. They are thirsty for more destruction and killing, with the aim of displacing the Palestinian people from Gaza and imposing the conditions of occupation and resettlement on the Paestinian people as a whole,” Abubakra said.

She called on all organizations and supporters of the Masar Badil and of the Palestinian cause to escalate the pace and level of solidarity and support actions for our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and their valiant resistance that is waging fierce battles and confronting the aggression on all fronts, and further emphasized the importance of international popular solidarity with the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Jerusalem and everywhere, and with the Palestinian prisoners in the occupation dungeons.

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