“The Israeli army is being exposed as a failure—it possesses all these capabilities, with the full support and participation from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and yet it is failing in Gaza, while the Palestinian resistance is still strong,” said Palestinian scholar and activist Khaled Barakat, referring to the background of the Israeli government’s announcement of “tactical withdrawal” from the Gaza Strip earlier in April.

“Why would the zionist army and the zionist leaders announce the withdrawal? In reality, the israeli army is devastated and very tired, and they have been failing to achieve their objectives for the past seven months,” Barakat stated during his interview with Orinoco Tribune on April 26. “At the same time, after the Israeli army withdraws from any area in Gaza, in less than 24 hours the resistance is back and organizing not just military action, but also organizing people and the social sector, the education sector. This has been noted even by Israeli commanders who have resigned or who are threatening to resign, saying that they have failed in Gaza miserably… We have also seen how Israeli government was trying to push some Jewish religious groups, especially the Haredi, to enlist in the Israeli army. You can imagine what kind of soldiers they are bringing to Gaza, with no experience and no morales, no readiness to fight. So this so-called tactical withdrawal is just a sign of weakness. This is how the Palestinian resistance sees it and this is how all military experts are actually seeing it.”

Barakat is a Palestinian activist and thinker currently based in Canada. A prominent leftist and revolutionary voice on Palestine, associated with Masar Badil (Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement), he has been the target of numerous smear campaigns in the West, aimed at silencing and criminalizing him and others like him fighting for Palestinian rights in the diaspora. In 2019, he was deported from Germany for his activism. In Canada, he has been a target of threats and harassment coming from various quarters, including the parliament. On April 26, he was interviewed by Orinoco Tribune on the Palestinian resistance in Gaza in the aftermath of the October 7 Al-Aqsa Flood Operation and the genocidal Israeli response to it, the response of West Asia’s Axis of Resistance to the Gaza genocide, and the impact of the situation in the Arab world as well as the entire world. The interview was conducted by Orinoco Tribune co-editor Saheli Chowdhury and contributor Dalal al-Zainabi.  Continue reading at: orinocotribune.com

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