Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, salutes the actions of activists in Belgium who are escalating to confront the genocide and have besieged the Zionist embassy there, currently facing attacks by Belgian police. We urge all activists around the world to take up the demand to besiege the Zionist embassies everywhere and shut them down!

As the genocide and war crimes continue in Gaza, as the US continues to ship billions of dollars in weaponry to the zionist regime, as the heroic Palestinian resistance confronts the Zionist forces on the ground, we must escalate our actions.

In every capital of the world where a Zionist embassy exist, it must be besieged across the globe. The people of Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia are being called upon to occupy Zionist and U.S. embassies everywhere. If you cannot enter or surround the embassy directly, block the streets and areas surrounding the embassies. Make it clear that they are internationally isolated and illegitimate!

The Masar Badil raises a particular call to the comrades in the revolutionary leftist parties and forces around the world, to workers’ syndicates and unions and to the student movement around the globe, to participate in the battle for the liberation of Palestine, confronting imperialism, Zionism and fascist and reactionary regimes.

This genocide is continuing as Palestinians commemorate 76 years of al-Nakba. Our beloved Palestinian people in the diaspora and the supporters of Palestine everywhere, this is the moment to act and to build on all of the actions, mobilizations, demonstrations and encampments for Palestine.

Enough is enough! Shut down the Zionist and U.S. embassies! Raise the Palestinian flag in your liberated areas and everywhere. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

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