The latest massacre carried out by the Zionist regime as it targeted the camps of the displaced in Rafah – days after the International Court of Justice ordered the end of the attacks on Rafah and after the International Criminal Court prosecutor announced his intention to seek arrest warrants against the bloodstained war criminals Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant – is a new advance in the horrors of genocide, deliberately targeting crowds of Palestinian families sheltering in tents around an UNRWA office, displaced multiple times over and seeking refuge from the ongoing assault. The scenes of burning tents, beheaded children, exploded families and violent destruction convey only a portion of the horror of this massacre.

The United States, Britain, Germany and their fellow imperialist powers are fully, jointly, individually, equally and primarily responsible for these crimes alongside their Zionist colony, which have already taken the lives of over 50 martyrs, wounding dozens and potentially hundreds more. These are children and families who were deliberately targeted for no reason other than to kill the maximum number of Palestinian civilians, living in tents without protection, already forced from their homes. They were targeted by the latest delivery of tons of US-made weapons that the Zionist regime just received from the US in order to continue its genocide, at the same time that “Genocide Joe” Biden spoke his empty words about “red lines” in Rafah. The blood of our people is dripping from the hands of Biden and every member of Congress who continue to supply the genocidal occupation regime with the mechanisms of death and destruction.

The Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, calls upon Palestinians in the shatat and their allies, supporters and friends, all people of conscience and freedom in the world, to respond to these crimes with all the means at their disposal. Now is the time to expose and isolate the Zionist entity, fill the streets and squares with mass mobilizations, shut down the gears of empire and its war machine with direct action, besiege the embassies and consulates of the occupying entity and its imperialist backers, and to escalate all forms of pressure and action.

The so-called “international community” has utterly failed to stop the genocide for eight months. We must all act NOW to bring it to an end, and to bring down the genocidal entity that carried out this latest massacre, atop 76 years of massacres against our Palestinian people. These massacres once again expose the utter failure of the occupier’s criminal army against the heroic Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza. They deliberately target the most vulnerable of the Palestinian people to massacre children and families in their shelters as their cowardly forces completely fail to confront the steadfast resistance of our people. The armed resistance is the front lines of defense for all of humanity. This is the moment of choice for all: for humanity, dignity and justice, or for genocide, massacres, war crimes and plunder.

We reiterate our call to the people of Egypt to open the Rafah crossing and to take meaningful action to defend the Palestinian people under attack, to join with their Arab brothers and sisters in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq acting to bring this genocide to an end. We urge them to express their anger and outrage at the policies of the fascist Sisi government that remains complicit in these war crimes.

The billions of dollars of weaponry that the United States provides to “Israel” – along with its fellow imperialist powers Britain and Germany – are used to carry out this slaughter in Rafah. They are not only failing to stop the crimes – they are responsible for the genocide. We must all do everything in our power to act immediately to bring it to an end NOW.

From the river to the sea, Palestine WILL be free.

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