• The Eternal Palestinian Land Day.
  • March 30, 1976.
  • A revolutionary milestone in the history of our people’s struggle and its fight.

What is the story of the Palestinian Land Day?


  • A Zionist law confiscating Palestinian lands under the guise of “developing the Galilee.”
  • The mobilization, and protests of Palestinians from the occupied 1948 with demonstrations and the announcement of a full and complete strike.
  • Correcting the struggle’s compass and rejecting every attempt and conspiracy targeting the fragmentation and division of the land.


Our people’s ongoing struggle.


  • Our people gathered recently in Umm al-Fahm, confirming the failure of the programs of the liberal forces to change its political, social and economic reality.
  • Resisting the occupation’s plots of demolitions and displacements in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.
  • The eternal steadfastness of our people in all occupied villages.


The Alternative Palestinian Path:


  • A greeting of pride to our people in all capitals of the world and their unwavering insistence on clinging to the land from the river to the sea.
  • We invite our people to confront internal violence, enhance revolutionary awareness, and participate in the activities organized by the Palestinian Alternative Path in commemorating the eternal Land Day.


From all parts of the world to the Negev, Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the Sea of ​​Haifa, the mountains of Nablus and the Galilee; and Palestine from the river to the sea, we call on you to unite and come together with all of the struggles of our people and be in solidarity with the steadfastness of the Palestinian prisoners movement and to fight for their liberation.

Long live the eternal Land Day

Glory to the martyrs.. And victory is inevitable for our struggling people.

The Preparatory Committee for the Conference of the Alternative Palestinian Path

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