A statement issued by the Preparatory of the Palestinian Alternative Path Conference (Masar Badil)

We stand with the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and the Samidoun Network confronting the Zionist criminalization policy

In light of the Zionist entity designating Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network as a “hostile terrorist organization” according to the declaration issued by the Zionist Minister of War, the Preparatory Committee for the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference affirms the following position:

First: The Preparatory Committee for the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference expresses its solidarity and principled stand with the comrades in Samidoun Network and emphasizes that this racist and unjust Zionist decision demonstrates the effectiveness of Samidoun’s role in advancing the cause of Palestinian prisoners and detainees and in defending the rights of our Palestinian people in the face of the crimes of the occupation and its colonial racist policies throughout occupied Palestine. The Preparatory Committee considers this Zionist decision as one targeting the Alternative Palestinian Path but also all forces, organizations and institutions participating in it, and all of the voices that defend the prisoners’ movement and the rights of the Palestinian people everywhere.

Second, this malicious and racist Zionist decision remains a desperate and failed attempt aimed at intimidating the members and supporters of Samidoun. It is a new attempt to curb the progress of this active, revolutionary organization and its continuous, qualitative activity, and to target its escalating reach, wide connections with liberation movements and the strong relationships it has with internationalist strugglers in various countries of the world.

Third, this unjust Zionist decision comes in light of the success of Samidoun and through the accumulation of experience in struggle over the past 10 years, and its growing ability to launch broad campaigns of political, media and public support for the prisoners and detainees and their daily battles in Zionist prisons. Samidoun has also succeeded in exposing the Zionist crimes against the prisoners and advocating for Palestinian rights, while educating people around the world about the nature of the Zionist state as a racist, colonialist phenomenon that emerged from Western colonialism and imperialism.

Fourth, the Samidoun Network, which has become one of the arms of the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and an active voice in the service of the cause of Palestine and its people, has constituted a source of inconvenience to the governments and parties of the racist fascist right in the West and disturbed the comfort of the Zionist occupation, its leaders and embassies through continuous action and organizing. Accordingly, we call for joining its membership and participating in its activities, as this is the strongest response to the Zionist entity’s decision and the revolutionary way to thwart and defeat it.

Fifth, the Preparatory Committee renews its support for its comrades in the Samidoun Network and puts itself in the service of its defense, struggling alongside it in support of the prisoners’ movement struggling in the prisons of Zionist colonialism and imperialism.

We pledge to the masses of our Palestinian people in the homeland and in exile and diaspora that the Palestinian prisoners’ movement will occupy the position of priority that it deserves within the framework of the Conference program to be held in October 2021, and we are honored by the participation of the Samidoun Network as one of the fundamental pillars in organizing the Alternative Palestinian Path conference and in the revolutionary movement for change and for the future Palestine, liberated Palestine from the river to the sea.

General Preparatory Committee
Alternative Palestinian Path Conference
1 March 2021

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