A call to the Palestinian masses in Europe

Come together, participate and organize the Conference of the Alternative Palestinian Path (Masar Badil)
Madrid, Spain, October 29 – November 2, 2021

Towards a new stage of struggle in the march of our Palestinian people and their struggle for national liberation and return

In light of the well-known political changes and developments that have impacted Palestine, our Arab region, and our Palestinian reality in Europe over the last decade, our Palestinian and Arab masses constitute today in terms of human power a large popular mass on the continent, and our youth, student, labor and academic associations together have a great potential and ability to move and take action. In this context, we call upon the struggling masses of our Palestinian people in Europe, all Palestinian and Arab institutions, and the friends of Palestine, to actively participate in organizing and hosting the “Alternative Palestinian Path” conference, scheduled to take place at the end of October and early November 2021 in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

We are firmly confident of the response of the vanguard of our Palestinian people to the call of the nation, the call of all of Palestine, all of our people and all of our rights, to advance their ranks and make this occasion a historic milestone in the march of our people and their national liberation struggle in Palestine and diaspora and exile. We must progress together at a confident pace toward a new stage. Its foundation and path is unity, cooperation and solidarity in confronting the challenges and dangers facing the Palestinian cause and threatening the rights of our people, our destiny, and our common future.

We are also fully confident that the tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees who have been displaced due to siege, blockade, wars, starvation and racism, who were ferried on “death boats” to the countries of the European Union, are today a main pillar in the leadership of the movement for democratic and revolutionary change at the Palestinian, Arab and international levels, and that they are closer to Palestine and achieving their return home more than ever before. They will impose their existence and affirm the ability of the Palestinian people in exile and diaspora to liberate their voice, rebuild their national institutions and direct their popular compass towards Jerusalem and all of Palestine.

Our Palestinian masses in Europe, together with our Arab communities and the supporters of Palestine, constitute the natural extension of our people’s struggle in occupied Palestine and in the camps of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, and they, with their brothers and sisters joining and participating from all continents, have the ability to restore the balance of the Palestinian national movement between occupied Palestine and the diaspora and announce the launch of a Palestinian, Arab and international united movement, organized on the road to return and liberation.

We call our masses in Europe to mobilize and unite, to com together in order to participate in rebuilding the foundations of our national liberation project and to achieve the right of our people to self-determination over the entire land of Palestine.

Let our popular rallies on November 2, 2021, recalling the memory of the ill-fated Balfour Declaration, be massive popular gatherings in which the Palestinian flag waves high, and let its fluttering be a message to friend and foe alike that the people of Palestine, the strugglers and the tenders of the land, of the era of the martyrs, prisoners, and wounded, will not forget nor forgive, and that Palestine, all of Palestine, was, is and will remain for its people, whether the time is long or short.

Let us participate in the planning and preparation for the launch of this new path, and receive our people from occupied Palestine and the camps of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. We welcome the participation of delegations from the Arab region, Africa, North and South America, Asia, and all regions of the diaspora, and present a national, united model to launch a revolutionary democratic movement for change, towards the future of Palestine: Liberated Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Glory to the martyrs; return is coming, and victory is certain!

The General Preparatory Committee / The Alternative Palestinian Path Conference

To participate and communicate with local committees in Europe:

Belgium: belgium@masarbadil.org

Greece and Cyprus: greece@masarbadil.org

Czechia: czechia@masarbadil.org

Denmark: denmark@masarbadil.org

France: france@masarbadil.org

Germany: germany@masarbadil.org

Italy: italy@masarbadil.org

Netherlands: nl@masarbadil.org

Spain and Portugal: madrid@masarbadil.org

Sweden: sweden@masarbadil.org

Norway: norway@masarbadil.org

Austria: austria@masarbadil.org

Britain: britain@masarbadil.org

For the rest of European countries, please contact an email: europe@masarbadil.org

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