The Alternative Path (Masar Badil) announces the Week of Palestinian Struggle

15-22 May 2021

The General Preparatory Committee for the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil) calls on all individuals, organizations, and local committee of the Masar to join together with liberation forces and solidarity movements with the Palestinian people and build broad popular participation in the “Week of Palestinian Struggle against Zionist Colonialism” under the slogan “Together against Zionism and in support of the Palestinian people’s resistance until liberation and return”, by organizing mass demonstrations between 15-22 May. Organize to march on the streets and gather in the public squares to confirm the Palestinian people’s unwavering commitment to the liberation of the entirety of their national land and the reclaiming of all of their inalienable and legitimate rights.

We call upon the Palestinian Arab people, and with them the vanguards of the Arab nation and the democratic forces of the world, more than ever,  to take popular action in all cities, capitals and public squares to protect Palestinian rights and the national liberation cause, expose the crimes of Zionism and its partners and collaborators in the region, and to support the valiant resistance of the Palestinian people confronting racist Zionist settler-colonialism throughout occupied Palestine, and to activate the Palestinian-Arab liberation struggle on all fronts to implement the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and liberate their lands, cities and villages from which they were forcibly displaced.

We emphasize that the 74th anniversary of the uprooting of our Palestinian people from their homeland (Al-Nakba), the continuing crimes of Zionist colonialism, the ongoing suffering of the impoverished Palestinian masses in the camps and in marginalized areas of misery, and the policies of the Zionist state in destroying homes, imposing siege, aggression and daily arrests, call upon us to move towards the path of revolutionary change without hesitation. We must intensify our Palestinian, Arab and international struggle to launch the alternative revolutionary path through a gradual and confident transition towards the realm of action and struggle. We must leave behind the era of fragmentation, isolation and confusion towards the horizon of initiative, organization, popular unity and struggle.

We renew our rejection of the categorical elections for the narrow self-rule Palestinian Authority administrative council in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. We consider them to be misleading and illegitimate elections that do not lead to the national unity desired by the Palestinian people. They are not part of a unified national strategy for liberation and return. Instead, they  are taking place under the whips of siege and occupation and come in the context of consolidating the dominance of the Oslo class and its damaging path of continued and repetitive application of dangerous and failed tools and mechanisms under the command of a leadership that ignores the cries of the masses of our people and which participates, both covertly and openly, in coordinating with projects that aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause and undermine Palestinian rights.

The Preparatory Committee calls upon the masses of the Palestinian people, inside Palestine and in exile and diaspora, to participate broadly in expressing their voice and reclaiming their rights through organizing for the Week of Palestinian Struggle in mid-May 2021. This week of struggle restores a central revolutionary slogan from the history of the Palestinian liberation struggle and the Palestinian and Arab fedayeen (freedom fighters). We call upon all to confront the forces of normalization and defeat by developing and escalating the comprehensive boycott of the Zionist entity and all its institutions, supporting the struggles of the Palestinian prisoner movement in the prisons of the Zionist enemy, and strengthening the steadfastness of our struggling people in all of occupied Palestine.


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