Eyad Abu Al-Ola, a member of the General Preparatory Committee of the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil), said, “The attack on Palestinian refugees by the thugs and security staff of the Palestinian Authority’s embassy and the insults inflicted on those who went out to demand urgent solutions to their living conditions and legal status in Beirut, especially our people displaced from Syria, is a political crime, a moral failure and a striking action of disrespect that exposes the Palestinian Authority’s officialdom as well as the silence and complicity of some Palestinian factions.”

In an interview with the Masar Badil website, Abu Al-Ola said that the events that took place in Beirut demonstrate that “the monopolistic, dominant figures in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have clearly relinquished their responsibilities. The main issue is the rights of the Palestinian people, their suffering and their concerns, and their right to demonstraate and demand their legitimate rights for a decent life. These are rights which must be protected by the PLO, ‘the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,’ and are clearly and directly its national, political and moral responsibility.”

Abu Al-Ola considered that the attack on the rights and dignity of our Palestinian people in front of the Palestinian Authority embassy in Beirut, regardless of the reasons, details and justifications that some may try to market, is a crime that must not be allowed to pass without real accountability and a serious review. “The rights of the Palestinian people will not be extinguished by order nor will the passage of time push them into oblivion. All of those who committed crimes against our people must be held accountable, especially the Zionist forces and their agents.”

Palestinian associations and organizations representing the demands of Palestinian refugees displaced to Lebanon from Syria had organized a public rally in which hundreds participated, in front of the Palestinian Authority embassy in Beirut, where physical and verbal attacks on the participants by some security personnel and employees of the PA embassy were documented.

Abu Al-Ola noted that what happened in Beirut in front of the embassy is a duplicate copy of what is taking place in Ramallah at the hands of the defeated Palestinian Authority, lacking national legitimacy, that engages in security cooperation with the Zionist occupier, attacks the families of the prisoners and violates the dignity and rights of the Palestinian people who seek to remind them of their responsibilities.

Abu Al-Ola further warned against the attempts of some to mix apples and oranges. He emphasized that there are suspicious Palestinian, Arab and international parties working to exploit the conditions of Palestinian refugees inside and outside Palestine under the guise of humanitarian aid, as has been the case since 1948. These parties are exposed before the Palestinian people, who know that the greatest danger and threat to the Palestinian refugees and the Palestinian people in general is the project to liquidate the national liberation movement, the Palestinian cause and the right of return. Part of this liquidation project involves the confiscation of the voice and the human and civil rights of refugees, including the confiscation of their right to political participation. Today, the confrontation that is required calls for a Palestinian popular mobilization in which Palestinians in exile and diaspora regain and reclaim our responsibility to support and strengthen the steadfastness of our people in the refugee camps, toward liberation and return.


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