In order to organize a popular conference under the banner of our Palestinian people…Support the launch of the revolutionary Palestinian path and join in the decision-making process!


The Preparatory Committee for the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference (Masar Badil) is continuing its daily and tireless work to provide all of the elements for success in achieving the goals of launching this historic Palestinian national path. It has begun to forge its way forward, with the birth of an organized, popular Palestinian vanguard confronting the path of normalization and liquidation, constituting a path of struggle, a political lever and a solid bulwark dedicated to confronting the enemies of the Palestinian people, especially the racist settler colonial Zionist project, sponsored by U.S. imperialism and backed by fascist and reactionary forces in the region and around the world.

Since the announcement of the date of the convening of the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference on 1 November 2020, the local preparatory committees, with their own capabilities and modest capacity, have been able to achieve several important milestones in terms of publicizing the goals and framework of the initiative, its foundations of struggle, and reaching tens of thousands of the sons and daughters of the Palestinian people through public events, social media and communication tools. The direction of the conference, with broad Palestinian, Arab and international poplar participation, and the political positions and frameworks of the conference were clearly defined. Dozens of Palestinian associations, vanguards of struggle, popular organizations, youth centers in the camps, as well as allied forces of solidarity around the world, have joined these efforts.

In our first statement, we affirmed the following: “This conference is self-financed and depends entirely on its participants. It is convened under the auspices of the Palestinian people and their national flag and does not receive any material support from any official Palestinian or international state, party or entity. Accordingly, we invite all of those who can participate and support others to join the ranks, promote a culture of self-reliance and develop the values of voluntary work and struggle.”

Today, the General Preparatory Committee for the Alternative Palestinian Path Conference addresses the masses of the Palestinian people and the supporters of Palestine everywhere, especially those with the resources to provide material assistance, and calls on them to respond to this initiative and support the success of this popular conference through donating to support its expenses and contribute to the launch of this new Palestinian revolutionary path, with its clear orientation and decisions made under the banner of the Palestinian people, on the road to return and liberation.

While emphasizing the independence of our decision-making and our principled and firm rejection of any conditional financial support, we are turning to our Palestinian and Arab people and all those in solidarity with the Palestinian cause to make a direct contribution to support the conference, participate in the launch of this alternative revolutionary path, and expand popular participation in order to achieve the goals and aspirations of our Palestinian people.

Together, we will forge our alternative revolutionary path, advance and achieve victory!


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