Comrade Ammar Rachdan, a member of the Central Follow-Up Committee of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, strongly denounced the Moroccan regime, describing it as a “reactionary puppet regime” after it signed a number of security, economic and intelligence agreements with the Zionist entity. He urged that these agreements be confronted through strengthening the unity of the Palestinian and Moroccan peoples and escalating all efforts of joint struggle in a revolutionary front to confront all of the normalization regimes in the region. He further emphasized the need to rehabilitate the Arab liberation movements that express the will of the peoples to confront imperialism, accomplish Arab liberation and the liberation of Palestine.

“The so-called official Moroccan opposition is mostly formalized and compliant, which has failed like its Palestinian counterparts in the PLO, and it has instead been placed in the pockets of the regime or become ossified or inactive,” Rachdan said.

“What the Moroccan regime has done is to add a disgraceful link in the chain of a series of agreements previously concluded by the reactionary Gulf oil regimes and kingdoms. The hope of our people remains in national liberation, social justice and true independence from imperial domination,” he continued.

“It would have been better for the Moroccan regime to act domestically to protect freedom of opinion and expression and release political prisoners in Morocco, rather than rushing to normalize with the Zionist entity and spend millions of dollars to stockpile weapons rather than use those funds to support the economic and social development of the impoverished people of Morocco.”

“The frenzied drive toward normalization that we see today is an implementation of U.S. and Zionist strategy in the region. It comes hand in hand with the attacks upon and attempts to criminalize the resistance forces as we see in Britain, Australia and elsewhere,” Rachdan said. “We cannot delay in building the popular resistance camp based on the liberation of our peoples from the domination of imperialism, Zionism and the reactionary forces of internal tyranny.”

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil) salutes the masses of the Moroccan people. The pulse of the Arab street rejects such shameful agreements. We honor the blood of the martyrs of Morocco whose blood has been shed for the liberation of Palestine, fighting and leading in the ranks of the resistance movements side by side with their comrades. This, and not the normalization agreements, is the true embodiment of the historical relationship between Morocco and Palestine.

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