Mohammed Khatib, a member of the Follow-up Committee of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, said that the shameful assassination attempt that targeted Sheikh Khader Adnan in the old city of Nablus “aims to silence the voice of the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank and the whole of Palestine.”

Khatib said that what is happening in the occupied West Bank, including the continuous daily attacks by the Palestinian Authority against Palestinian strugglers and resistance forces, only serve the plans of the Zionist enemy and the collaborationist networks called “security coordination agencies,” which have been operating for 25 years in accordance with decisions and orders issued from “Tel Aviv” and “Washington.” This is the same type of death squad that assassinated Palestinian struggler Nizar Banat and commits ongoing political and security crimes against our people and resistance strugglers.

Al-Khatib questioned questioned the goals of the Oslo Authority and these security entities affiliated with the occupation in carrying out such crimes, such as attempting to assassinate the Palestinian struggler, Khader Adnan, the policy of arresting the cadres of the student movement, the “revolving door” of imprisonment with Israeli jails, and the security job sharing with the Zionist entity. Such acts can only aim to achieve the approval of Israeli leadership and the preservation of the class privileges of this tiny Oslo sector!

Khatib said further, “Such an apparatus of oppression will not protect the image and status of the Palestinian Authority, and they should not test the patience of our people. There are major states whose rulers have fallen under the feet of the angry popular masses, and our people will raise their voice against these crimes.” He noted that the attack on Sheikh Adnan is not the first and comes on the anniversary of the assassination of the martyr Omar Nayef Zayed in the Palestinian Authority embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Khatib called on the Palestinian resistance forces to take clear positions and stop dealing with those who are affiliated with the Authority, stressing the importance of isolating the Oslo current, exposing it to the masses of our people and lifting the cover from their destructive role.

He noted that the ultimate responsibility for this crime and others lies with the Zionist regime and the entire path represented by Mahmoud Abbas and his defeated cronies in Ramallah. This new crime, like others, will not be subject to a statute of limitations. “The day will come when our Palestinian people will hold all those accountable who are implicated in shedding the blood of the people.”

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