A statement issued by the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement

Receiving the president of the Zionist entity is an attack on the struggles of the Palestinian and Turkish peoples

We urge all friends of Palestine in Turkey to confront the official policy of the Turkish state and boycott the Zionist colonial entity

The Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement salutes the masses of the Palestinian and Turkish peoples, and all the struggling forces that announced their rejection of the Turkish state reception of Isaac Herzog, President of the Zionist entity, and of the Turkish relationship with the colonialist project more broadly. This relationship has been built since 1949 with the aim of serving the projects of imperialism, Zionism and reactionary forces in the region. Our movement also raises our voice on the side of the revolutionary and committed forces in Palestine and Turkey and all of the honest voices that announced their rejection of normalization and their clear condemnation of the reception of Herzog in Ankara.

This step comes, at this particular time, only to confirm the nature of the reactionary role played by the Turkish regime, a member of NATO and a partner and agent of the United States and the Zionist colonial project. The so-called “restoration of Turkish-Israeli relations” does not reflect reality. Turkish-Israeli relations were not in fact characterized by disharmony and conflict, as has been promoted in media accounts over the past decade, despite the decline in the level of warm public relations between the parties following the Mavi Marmara massacre of 2010. In fact, the political, military, economic and security relationships have remained stable and continued to expand constantly under the auspices of the United States, a reality confirmed in the ongoing series of bilateral agreements between the two parties and the nature of their strategic cooperation in various fields.

Today, the development and strengthening of this relationship comes in the light of accelerating regional and global transformations reflected in the crisis in Ukraine. This also comes within the framework of the partnership between Ankara and Tel Aviv, under the auspices of Washington, DC, to serve the US strategy and NATO projects. It aims to fuel a global conflict and mobilize all forces against Russia, China and the impoverished peoples of the South for profit and advantage in Washington and Tel Aviv, at the expense of the rights of the Arab people, especially the national rights of the Palestinian people, through the theft of their looted wealth of natural gas and energy resources, in addition to Palestine’s strategic locations.

The reception of the Zionist president comes in light of the ongoing Zionist war on the people and the land throughout all of occupied Palestine from the river to the sea: the policy of killing, siege and starvation against our people in the Gaza Strip, the Judaization of Jerusalem, the violation of Muslim and Christian holy sites, and the expansion of colonial settlements in the Naqab and the occupied West Bank. The move reveals once again the true face of the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which seeks to achieve the interests of the ruling class in Turkey by expanding a joint Zionist and Turkish role in Europe and the region, especially in the energy market.

We, in the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, find once again that we can only rely on the peoples of the region and their revolutionary fighting forces that, with their sacrifices and unity, pose a revolutionary and humanitarian alternative of relationships based on justice, fraternity, solidarity, and national independence, in order to protect the wealth and resources of our peoples and preserve their rights, dignity and popular sovereignty.

Accordingly, we call to strengthen the relationships of struggle between the peoples of the region in order to build our popular alliance, within the framework of the camp of resistance, to confront normalization, colonialism, imperialism and the policies of U.S.-Zionist hegemony, an alternative against the plundering of our national wealth and resources in Palestine and throughout the region. We also call for the broadest possible campaign of boycotting the illegitimate Zionist settler colonial project, and we are confident that the policies of the Erdogan regime will only find the broadest popular rejection and condemnation from all of the active, struggling and free forces and movements of the world.


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