In mid-May every year, the Palestinian people inside Palestine and in exile and diaspora come together as one to reaffirm their right to life, to return and liberation, to express their revolutionary insistence and unbreakable iron will, determined to achieve all of their national goals and aspirations. They shout loudly in one clear voice: we are steadfast, returning, victorious.

This year, our Palestinian people will come out in the village of Mayar in occupied Palestine ’48, from Palestinian Jerusalem, from the rising West Bank and the valiant Gaza, through the camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, and in all of the Palestinian communities in exile and diaspora. We will be unified and integrated despite the wounds, torment and siege renewed each year, with our collective goal and aspiration embodied under the Palestinian flag, for one liberated Palestine, from the river to the sea.

In addition to the numerous actions and demonstration throughout Palestine and in the Arab world, dozens of European, North American, Latin American, Australian, Asian and African cities and capitals will witness widespread popular demonstrations and actions through which the Palestinian people — and with them, the forces of liberation and solidarity, and the supporters of Palestine around the world — will renew their pledge to the martyrs, the prisoners and the wounded, their adherence to their sacred right to return to their homeland and their homes.

Some of the cities that will host events include: Vienna, London, Liverpool, Waterloo, Guelph, Paris, Toulouse, Bonn, Frankfurt, Dublin, Rome, Pretoria, Melbourne, Sydney, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Mannheim, Tubingen, Bologna, Napoli, Amsterdam, Auckland, Madrid, Gothenburg, Malmo, Dearborn, Detroit, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, Chicago, Paterson, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Austin, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, DC, and others.

Historically, the Palestinian revolution named this day, the Day of Palestinian Struggle. May 15 was a day of Arab revolutionary struggle and international solidarity with the Palestinian people and their liberation movement, and a day when the democratic and progressive forces of the world affirmed their support for the legitimate, inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. In the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, we must reclaim this name and the slogan, to reconsider and reaffirm the essence and meaning of May 15, the commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba, as a Palestinian, Arab and international day of struggle for return and liberation.

This May 15 comes one year after the launch of the great Palestinian popular Unity Intifada, the Battle of Seif al-Quds, which our valiant Palestinian people fought for 11 days in a heroic confrontation against the racist settler-colonial Zionist project, when the struggling Palestinian masses rose up with weapons, stones, Molotov cocktails and fists, bringing their calls for revolution, their bodies, and all they had to fight to confront the U.S.-Zionist war machine and the killing gangs of the occupation. The Palestinian masses emerged from the heart of occupied Jerusalem to announce a new stage of Palestinian revolutionary struggle, integrated in multiple forms and methods, pouring into the river of resistance and the movement of revolutionary change on the road to victory, liberation and return.

May 15 comes this year at a time when the flame of return is rising in the hearts of Palestinian youth, students and workers, when the Palestinian resistance is galvanized in the West Bank and in occupied Palestine ’48, and the valiant Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip accumulates its military, protective and logistical capabilities as it completes the liberation of the Gaza Strip, to protect our sea, sky and land from the planes, ships and tanks of the occupier. The capital of the Palestinian people, occupied Jerusalem, continues its proud steadfastness and confrontation of all projects of normalization, Judaization, land confiscation, home demolition and siege.

As the occupation forces continue their crimes against our people in occupied Palestine, targeting the Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh in Jenin with live bullets, continuing its policy of daily arrests and the pursuit of Palestinian strugglers throughout occupied Palestine, and imposes a system of colonialism, apartheid and occupation, our Palestinian people also continue, with ever greater stubbornness and determination, their struggle, with eyes directed towards overcoming all obstacles and reaching a new revolutionary stage, where our struggling people gain the initiative, turning the tables on the agents of normalization, betrayal and defeat.

On the Day of Palestinian Struggle, we in the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement reaffirm the need for unified revolutionary struggle and strengthening Palestinian and Arab popular unity in the fields of intifada and resistance, moving forward to establish a united Palestinian Arab national front in which all groups and sectors of the Palestinian people participate, led by the resistance, the forces of the Palestinian revolution, including youth, women’ and labor movements inside and outside Palestine. This is the necessary condition to renew our Palestinian revolution and achieve the goals of our people to liberate our homeland, uproot the racist Zionist project, and build our future in a liberated Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Long live the Day of Palestinian struggle, on the road to victory and freedom

The Nakba continues… and therefore, the resistance continues until return and liberation

Masar Badil – Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement

11 May 2022

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